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If you are taking part in the October Fedora 10 XO test, please add your name to one of the following groups:

Performance: Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dyn-o-mite Wolf Squadron

Team Lead: Josh Bressers

Team meeting time: Tuesdays 8pm EST on #fedora-qa

Group members:

Built-in Camera: Paparazzi!

Team Lead: Brian Pepple

Team meeting time: Friday @ 17:00 UTC

Group members:

Power Management: <team name>

Team Lead: <needs lead>

Team meeting time: <needs team meeting time>

Group members:

Networking: Two Cups and a String

Team Lead: James Laska

Team meeting time: Friday, 09:00 EST (14:00 UTC) Group members:

  • Dennis Johnson < drjohnson1 / gmail dot com >
  • James Laska
  • david d zuhn <zoo at>
  • Jason Curtis <jason 4t students o olin o edu>
  • Jeffrey Atkinson <jeffrey dot atkinson @t students dot olin dot edu>
  • Xavier Ziemba < xy dot ziemba at gmail dot com>
  • Colin Zwiebel < colin dot zwiebel at students dot olin dot edu >
  • Victoria Hsiao < victoria dot hsiao at students dot olin dot edu >
  • Alexander Todorov <atodorov redhat com>
  • Radek Vokal <rvokal at redhat dot com>
  • Ludek Smid <lsmid at redhat dot com>
  • Vadim Grinco <vgrinco at redhat dot com>
  • Dan Young dyoung at fedoraproject dot org
  • Dan Horák
  • Add your name here and your e-mail

Display: Dream broadcast

Team Lead: Luya Tshimblanga

Team meeting time: Sunday, 6pm EDT

Group members:

Audio Team: The Phil Collins Experience

Team Lead: Steve Salevan e-mail

Team meeting time: Sundays @ 4PM EST

Group members:

XFCE Team: <insert team name here>

Team Lead: Sebastian Dziallas

Team meeting time: ?

Group members: