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Ask Fedora is a community knowledge base and support forum and designed to be the primary place for community support in Fedora. It is powered by Askbot, Django based web application.


If you have any feedback on Ask Fedora, you can directly post a comment or question to the site and tag it as "meta". You can also join us at #askbot IRC channel in or post to Fedora infrastructure mailing list. Do read the standard operating procedure if you want to help with infrastructure of Ask Fedora.

Admins & Moderators

Admins and moderators of Ask Fedora are at expected to be logged in at #fedora-ask on Freenode

( please use your logins below )

enabled languages

* English
* Spanish - <echevemaster>,<gomix>, <aeperezt>
* Brazilian Portuguese - <wolnei>,<dbruno>, <kusterjr>
* Indonesia - <Sentabi>, <Jurankdankkal>, <Ekoikhyar>, <dheche>
* Greek - <b10n1k>, <giannisk>, <axilleas>, <mitzie>

pending languages

* None at the moment.  If you want language support enabled for any other languages,  find a team of volunteers (preferably, long term Fedora contributors) to act as moderators for that language.  Ideally we will need atleast three moderators for each language community.

Guidelines for Ask Fedora users



You can participate by asking questions or answering them in, testing the staging instance, designing a logo or a mascot or developing features for Askbot. Askbot is a Django based web application and if you are a Django/Python programmer, we would love to have your participation.


Rahul Sundaram has explained the history of the project here. He initiated an earlier effort for editors to interface with developers and directly answer user questions as part of the Fedora Weekly News. This effort didn't scale and is now defunct.