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Fedora Ambassador Day EMEA 2008

The goal of FAD EMEA 2008 is to establish Fedora's EMEA leadership team for 2009 and to plan the upcoming year's events and priorities.

To make this event the greatest ever, we need the help of everyone who's planning to attend this event:

  • State your preference on the date.
  • State your preference on the location (you may also add a city that's not yet on the list).
  • Add yourself to the list of attendees.
  • Add your ideas to the fun agenda.
  • If you have any other idea, comment, rant, or something else the responsible ambassadors should now - don't hesitate, tell them!

It's okay to state more than one preference.

For easier tracking and a little easier oversight, please use your FAS-Name to add your preferences/ideas! For the list of attendees, we need your full name (linked to your user page).


We were thinking the FAD should take place well after the FUDCon (early September) and before the end of 2008.

State your preference:

October -- aarapov

November -- MSpevack, GeroldKa (mid), red (mid/end), Giangy, CWickert, wonderer, fab, petreu(mid), MrTom (mid/end), aarapov, No5251

December -- red (early)

Unknown --


We were not thinking too much here. Basel is near the location of the two past FAD EMEA. Both cities have one of the both responsible ambassadors living nearby and both feature an airport. Basel seems more central for Europeans (especially German, French and Italian ambassadors, which are the most active in EMEA). JoergSimon can pick up at least 3 People from the french team like last year for traveling to Basel. Feel free to add more pro/contra arguments, that might help us with the decision.

It's okay to state zero, one or two preferences. If you state two but prefer one of them over the other, mark your first preference with a * behin your FAS-name.

Basel -- red, GeroldKa, Robert, wonderer, fab, JSimon, MrTom

Amsterdam -- FCrippa, Giangy, MSpevack, CWickert, romal, MrTom

Stuttgart -- PetReu, wonderer*, Robert*


  • TBD after we choose a location

Responsible Ambassadors


Please add your full name with a link to your wiki page below. Make sure, that your wiki page states where you live and/or the nearest notable city (for international trains or flights). That'd help us with choosing the location quite a bit.

  1. Sandro Mathys
  2. GeroldKassube (depends on the location and my personal money situation)
  3. FabianAffolter
  4. AntonArapov (much prefer Stuttgart :) )
  5. MaxSpevack
  6. JoergSimon
  7. Robert M. Albrecht (only in Amsterdam, traveling to Basel is too expensive)
  8. GianlucaVarisco
  9. FrancescoCrippa
  10. FrancescoUgolini
  11. RobertScheck
  12. Christoph Wickert (if possible, depends on time and location)
  13. Henrik Heigl (if possible, depends on money situation)
  14. Peter Reuschlein (if possible time / money thing)
  15. ThomasCanniot (if possible time / money / new employer favour thing)
  16. ChristosBacharakis (depends on time and location)
  17. Jeroen van Meeuwen

Business Agenda

Feel free to add important topics to the list. But keep in mind, that we're very limited in time!

  • Status update for FOSDEM 2009.
  • Planning the Fedora EMEA priorities for March 2009 - February 2010, to coincide with Red Hat's budget year.
    • Two major events
      • FUDCon EMEA 2009
      • One other (maybe LinuxTag)
    • Various mid-level events
    • Make it easy for ambassadors to organize small events in their countries
  • What do we want to focus on in addition to events?
  • What do we need from Red Hat?
  • What are the biggest problems Fedora faces in EMEA?
  • How are our smaller communities doing?

Fun Agenda

Feel free to add your own ideas. Please note, that we most probably won't make this decision public before the FAD has begun - see it as a little surprise. We might or might not take anything that was suggested here. But your ideas are a great help for brainstorming, anyway.

Depending on the location:

  • Amsterdam:
    • Football Game -- MSpevack
    • Heineken Brewery -- MSpevack
  • Basel:
    • Augusta Raurica (old Roman city) -- red
    • Feldschloesschen Brewery, which is inside a very nice castle -- red

Independant of the location:

  • Eat some local food speciality -- GeroldKa / red


  • MaxSpevack has indicated that he can provide at least 500 EUR budget for this event. As we get closer, the number may go up. Budget will be used for travel subsidies, lodging subsidies, food, and some fun event.