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The FAD 2008 is an event intended to plan the ambassadors' activities in 2009 and to have some fun together.




  • City: Basel, Switzerland
  • Airport: EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (BSL)
  • Train station: Basel SBB or Basel Badischer Bahnhof (Basel Bad Bf)

Basel was chosen by MaxSpevack and SandroMathys after weighing various options, including travel distance and time for people all over Europe.


See Accommodation.

Ride Sharing / Car Pooling

People who drive to the FAD by car or get to the airport by car and have some free seats available are asked to help others to get to the FAD. Please add below how many seats you have available, where you start the journey and where you could possibly pick up folks.

Driver Seats available Starting point Destination Possible pick up points
Henrik Heigl 1-2 Pirmasens Basel all the lane down, Flughafen ZW, maybe France, Maybe with Jens Kühnel (not confirmed yet)
Joerg Simon 3 Munich Basel ?
Peter Reuschlein 3 Stuttgart Basel TBB, Stuttgart

People who'd like to join one of the drivers above, please ask the driver if he's still got a free seat and where he could pick you up. If you both agree on the terms (e.g. time, location, cost sharing, etc.) add yourself to the list below in order for other people to see which driver still has free seats available.

Driver Passenger Pick up point
Peter Reuschlein Marco Ziesing Stuttgart


Deadline passed
The official deadline for registration of attendees who need a bed in our hotel has passed.

Responsible Ambassadors

  • Sandro Mathys (Responsible for the FAD; Contact him for ALL questions, remarks and rants)
  • Andreas Rau (Responsible for Friday afternoon's get together in a bar)
  • MaxSpevack (Responsible for the budget)


Do not forget your ear plugs

Please fill in your details ASAP. Contact Sandro Mathys if you have questions.

# FAS Name &
Full Name
Hotel Friday's
Arrival Departure Snorer Sensitive
to Snorers
1 Sandro Mathys yes yes Friday, 15:30
Basel SBB
after end no yes 100% Flexible with travel times
2 Max Spevack yes yes Friday, 15:30
Basel SBB
Sunday, 15:40
no yes Coming from Bern (Puzzle ITC) talk on Friday morning.
3 Fabian Affolter yes no Friday, 22:00 latest after end no yes Arrives late on Friday because of UAS.
4 Gerold Kassube no maybe Lives in the area
5 Henrik Heigl yes yes Friday, 18:00 latest after end little a bit
6 Peter Reuschlein yes no Friday, afternoon after end no yes
7 Marco Ziesing yes no Friday, afternoon after end no no
8 Jens Kuehnel yes yes Friday, ~19:00
Basel Bad
Sunday, after end
Basel Bad
no yes
9 Jeroen van Meeuwen yes yes Friday, 14:40 Sunday, 15:40
10 Joerg Simon yes yes Friday afternoon Sunday, 10:00 yes yes
11 Francesco Crippa yes no Friday, 21:00-21:30
12 Gianluca Varisco yes no Friday, 21:00-21:30 no yes Details on Arrival and Departure will follow
13 Thomas Woerner yes yes Friday afternoon Sunday 10:00 or later rarely yes
14 Robert Scheck yes ill
15 Simon Wesp yes yes Friday, 11:47
Basel Bad
Sun, 19:21
Basel Bad
no yes
16 Christoph Wickert yes yes Friday
Basel SBB
Basel SBB
no yes Details on Arrival and Departure will follow
17 Luca Foppiano yes no Friday, 21:00-21:30 no yes
18 AndreasRau no yes Lives in the area
19 Francesco Ugolini yes yes Friday, 15:30
Basel SBB
Sun, 12.30
Basel SBB
20 Felix Kaechele yes yes Friday, 16:47
Basel SBB
Sun, 17:04
Basel SBB
no yes
21 Marko Jung yes no Saturday
early in the morning
after end ??? ??? Member: Board of Linuxtag e.V.
22 Andreas Thienemann yes no Friday, afternoon after end


  • 20 ambassadors attend
  • 1 special VIP
  • 19 attendees need a bed


For blogs, signatures and the like: buttons! Thanks Nicu Buculei for creating them.



The list below is just the collection of items we will discuss about and does not say anything about the time or order they're discussed about. Which task is handled at what point during the FAD is shown in the work schedule.

Task Owner(s) Time
MaxSpevack 1.5h
  • What do we want to focus on in addition to events?
    • Presentations Outside Linuxevents
    • Merchandise
    • ??
Henrik Heigl 1.0h
  • What do we need from Red Hat?
MaxSpevack 1.0h
  • What can we do (longtime Planing)?
MaxSpevack 0.5h
  • What are the biggest problems Fedora faces in EMEA?
MaxSpevack 1.0h
  • How are our smaller communities doing?
MaxSpevack 1.0h
Sandro Mathys 1.0h
  • FAD EMEA 2009: proposal to save money
Sandro Mathys 0.5h
  • Linux day Italy:
    • Report about Linux day 2008
    • Linux day 2009
  • Ambassador Mentoring - We need a concept and measurability!
Joerg Simon 0.5h
  • Fedora Logistic/former EventBox
    • Report - What do we have! Where is it!
    • do we need a Material Tracker?
    • what Material is needed on which event
      • which new Material is needed
    • How can Ambassadors promote further (non yet out) Releases and how can we help there
Joerg Simon 0.5h
  • Public Fedora merchandising store for Europe
    • If time allows it: how can we help NA in this matter?
Sandro Mathys 1.0h


  • Keysigning (for this please do not forget your GnuPG Keys on paper-strip).
  • CAcert Assurances: Henrik Heigl will bring CAP-Forms. Everybody please bring some govermental ID (Passport, etc.) for this.
    • CAP form in english PDF
    • CAP form in german PDF


We'll organize two small (1-1.5h) fun events for everyone. Both will include fresh air, which we'll surely need after sitting in that work room nearly all weekend long.

We've been asked if there'll be room in the schedule for everyone to go to the city and do some sightseeing. Of course there will! Actually one fun event will include a tour through the city of Basel which should cover that wish. The tour will be guided and in English. It will take place regardless of the weather, so please bring appropriate clothing with you.

The other fun event is...a surprise! We're sure you'll like it. If you have clothing for the city tour, you'll be fine here.

Ideas provided (but mostly ignored) were:


Maybe it will be time to hold some short workshops. If there will be no time its an "pool of ideas" what can be made at future Events or meetings.

  • howto organize events --wonderer
  • package building --???


Where from

  • $2000 (CHF ~2'200.-) out of the Fedora Ambassadors budget. As we get closer to the end of FY08's Q3, this number may go up if other events didn't spend all their budget.
  • $1000 (CHF ~1'100.-) from the FUDCon budget that was not completely used.
  • Fedora EMEA e.V. indicated that they might help with several hundred EUR if needed and asked for.
  • Puzzle ITC has been asked for some financial sponsorship by Sandro and they decided to help us with generous CHF 500.-, isn't that great? Thank you guys!
    • Puzzle ITC, well known for their SourceForge-mirror, is a small Swiss company focused Java software development and Linux-based solutions for their customers. They are showing commitment to the open source philosophy over years already. They are member of the ODF Alliance, the Eclipse Foundation and the Swiss Open Systems User Group (/ch/open). In the past, they've organized an Ubuntu Release Party and a Linux Install Zone at the OpenExpo in Berne. They do too much for the open source community to list it all here!

Right now, we have CHF ~3'800 to spend for the FAD.

Where to

Budget will be used in the following order (as far as it reaches):

  1. Work room - The University of Basel provides us with a work room for FREE
  2. Accommodation (incl. city-tax) - CHF 2'461.60 ($2219.29) PAID
  3. Ticket for the public transport for the whole stay - The hotel offers us tickets (for the 19 attendees staying there) for FREE
  4. Coffee and water for the work room - CHF 50.- (tops)
  5. Dinner at Saturday evening (CHF 561.-) plus one beer or soft drink for everyone - CHF 700.- (tops)
  6. Fun events
    • City tour on Saturday afternoon - CHF 100.-
    • Surprise on Sunday morning - CHF 150.-

Totals to: CHF 3'461.60 (tops).

The tickets for the public transport will cover your travels from the airport or train station to the hotel and back as well as all travel we'll make during the FAD (we'll mostly walk the short distances, though).


Question Answer
P.R.: Do we have to exchange EUR to CHF or can we also pay with €? S.M.: You probably could pay in many places in Basel with EUR, but normally have a worse exchange rate as at a bank. This is only a guess. and I'll try to get a more accurate answer well before the event. You can use a credit card in most restaurants and bars, but I think you'll need some cash now and then.
H.H.: where are near Stores for electronic stuff if somebody need some additional stuff? S.M.: You shouldn't need to get something. But if you do, there's a Inter Discount XXL-store nearby (map). There's also a MediaMarkt within the 'Basel SBB' train station.
H.H.: will there be time (maybe 1-2h) for sightseeing? S.M.: The Schedule lets me think there is (read "Sightseeing in Basel City"). There might be some time around lunch and dinner, anyway. You're also free to use your sleep time for such things, of course... ;)
H.H.: where should people exchange EUR to CHR? Are at the Campus banks or so? S.M.: Banks are closed on Friday evenings (17.00 and later, usually), Saturdays and Sundays in Switzerland. There's many cash dispensers around (map showing our hotel and all cash dispensers around). There should be a exchange office in the 'Basel SBB' train station that might be open on Saturday and Sunday, too. Your bank might charge you some EUR if you're getting money in Switzerland, though - might be better to get some CHF at home already.
H.H.: Where are the Hotel and where is the "Workroom"? Are there maybe a google map available? S.M.: Hotel: Accommodation. The working room is at the nearby University of Basel.
S.W.: Is all the food suitable for vegetarians? S.M.: Yes! For all but Saturday's dinner, you're free to choice yourself what you want to eat, anyway. Saturday's dinner will be a Swiss national dish (what exactly? surprise!) but I can guarantee, that it will be suitable for vegetarians, too. You might need to indicate that you're a vegetarian at the restaurant, though.
G.K.: Power plugs/sockets in Switzerland? G.K.: Please be carefully, the Swiss have a different Power Supply and you need an Adapter for your Notebook
S.M.: This is only partly true, actually. If you have an European 2-pin plug (i.e. an Europlug), you don't need an adapter. If you have a 3-pin plug, a British plug or a plug with 2 pins and additional clips (e.g. the Type E or F used in France and Germany), you need an adapter to use the Type J used in Switzerland.

We'll provide enough Schuko and Europlug sockets for everyone.


Here is a Place where anybody can place the media from the Event (Blogentrys, press texts, flickr Photostream, etc.). If your BlogEntry or Photo is missing here, please add it.