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Basic FAmSCo activity

What is this section's purpose?
This section gives some quick health indicators about how much FAmSCo is communicating. Sometimes FAmSCo members can't make a meeting due to travel or conflicts with their $DAYJOB, but the combination of meeting attendance plus email is a nice metric.

FAmSCo meetings

FAmSCo held 3 meetings in February. Attendance was as follows:

  • 3 out of 3 -- Joerg, Maria, Susmit, Rodrigo, Luca
  • 2 out of 3 -- Max, David

So far this year, FAmSCo has held 6 meetings. Overall attendance has been:

  • 6 out of 6 -- Joerg, Maria, Susmit
  • 5 out of 6 -- Rodrigo, Max, David, Luca

Regional meetings

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One of FAmSCo's goals this year is to make sure that at least one FAmSCo member is at each regional meeting that is held.

As of the time this report was prepared, X regional meetings held in February had been logged.

  • NA -- 2 meetings, 1 attended by Max, 2 attended by David
  • EMEA -- 1 meeting, 1 attended by Joerg, none attended by Luca
  • APAC -- 2 meetings, none attended by Susmit.
  • LATAM --

FAmSCo mailing list

FAmSco's mailing list received 35 messages this month:

  • Max -- 12
  • Joerg -- 8
  • Susmit -- 6
  • David -- 3
  • Rodrigo -- 3
  • Luca -- 2
  • Paul -- 1
  • Maria -- 0

General accomplishments or decisions

What is this section's purpose?
This section discusses the non-regional achievements within either FAmSCo or the larger Ambassadors project from this month.
  • First Townhall meeting was held on 8th February. It was generally constructive.
  • Concerns were expressed about "Bad" booth behaviour. FAmSCo discussed about it and decided to leave the behavioural decision to the event owner.
  • FAmSCo has decided to create a page for "things to show on your laptop during an event".
  • FAmSCo was notified about a case of dispute between a mentor and a mentee. FAmSCo decided to create a SOP for ensuring prompt action for settling such disputes.
  • FAmSCo has decided to have a mentor meeting. The goal is to collect feedbacks for improving the mentoring process. It will be held on 1st march, 1900 UTC at #fedora-meeting-1.
  • FAmSCo has decided to open up the FAmSCo trac, but not before Max deletes all the tickets with private info.
  • Paul Mellors is now a Mentor.
  • FAmSCo has decided to replace the Ambassadors FAQ with a page like this. Help is needed from the ambassadors for building this.
  • FAmSCo will triage all the outdated pages in category:ambassadors. The pace will be 20 pages/week.


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Where does FAmSCo's budget come from?
The FAmSCo budget rolls up into the larger Community Architecture expenses. On that page, FAmSCo's budget is represented by the "Regional support" line item.


New tickets Still under mentoring Sponsored Rejected Month
66 10 10 75 February 2010 --Jsimon 14:32, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
50 28 9 57 January 2010 -- Joerg 15:45, 30 January 2010 (UTC)
63 5 10 56 December 2009 -- Joerg 11:35, 30 January 2010 (UTC)

Ambassadors Statistic

Regional reports

What is this section's purpose?
This section lists the events that were on the global events page as happening in each region, during this month. This section examines the end-result of each of these events, and also reports any general news for the region.


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Name Owner Link Event report(s) Comments
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Center for Open Source (RCOS) General Meeting User:duffy [1] [2]
Schmoocon User:makfinsky [3]
Fedora Talks at CMU User:mjg59 [4]
SCaLE User:vwbusguy [5] Reports




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Name Owner Link Event report(s) Comments


  • Brasil, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina are getting ready to be on FLISoL this year.
  • Some Badges where buy for this event in Venezuela
  • In Latam, Linux Events start on April, so we are preparing ourselves to this.
  • Chile will have a Fudcon this year (We already know that all our ambassadors are OK after the earthquake. I guess we will have a few weeks before start working on this.)
  • We had one meeting with ambassadors from Chile to set the FUDCon date.
  • Ambassadors from Chile has fixed the FUDCon date with the Universidad Central to 15-17 July
  • Mexico is producing some wonderful marketing material (cheat cube)
  • Nicaragua continues on the Free Media project (we need some sponsorship in here)
  • Perú, Venezuela, Panamá and Rep. Dominicana has some new ambassadors (and almost ambassadors)
  • A lot of new packages and projects was add to RPMDEV. See
  • We will have 2 new meetings this week to guide new contributors.


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Name Owner Link Event report(s) Comments
FOSDEM FredericHornain FOSDEM 2010
4. LIT-OL User:cwickert 4. LIT-OL





Name Owner Link Event report(s) Comments
BASIS SoftExpo 2010 Mahay Alam Khan BASIS SoftExpo 2010 Report
Asian University (Dhaka) Fedora 12 Release Party Mahay Alam Khan - Report Great effort though a bit late for release party
IIUM FOSSDay IzharFirdaus - Report
GNUnify 2010 fedora-india Shreyank, Kushal, Susmit


  • Fedora-India is working on a FUDCon at Pune.
  • Fedora-India has got their swags done (t-shirts and buttons).
  • Fedora-my is working on an Event Box
  • Fedora-ph is working on geekcamp and a FAD