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# [[User:Cassmodiah|Simon Wesp]] (Xfce user)
# [[User:Cassmodiah|Simon Wesp]] (Xfce user)
# [[User:Cwickert|Christoph Wickert]] (Package maintainer, Team lead of [ German Xfce translation team])
# [[User:Cwickert|Christoph Wickert]] (Package maintainer, Team lead of [ German Xfce translation team])
# [[User:raphgro|Raphael Groner]] (Xfce user, tester, supporter, packager candidate)
# [[User:raphgro|Raphael Groner]] (Xfce user)
# [[User:lbazan|Luis Bazan]] (Xfce user / [[Ambassadors|Fedora Ambassador]])
# [[User:lbazan|Luis Bazan]] (Xfce user / [[Ambassadors|Fedora Ambassador]])
# [[User:Sadin|Zachary Snyder]] (Xfce user, supporter / [[Design|Fedora Design Team]])
# [[User:Sadin|Zachary Snyder]] (Xfce user, supporter / [[Design|Fedora Design Team]])

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Fedora Xfce Spin

RahulSundaram initiated the effort to create a Fedora Xfce spin (A installable Live CD) for Fedora 8 and above releases. It is now maintained collectively by the Fedora Xfce SIG.

The Xfce SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group of Fedora contributors that contribute towards Xfce in Fedora. Their mission is to define a high-quality Xfce experience to Fedora users and developers in maintaining packages, documentation, infrastructure and helping each other in all Xfce related efforts.



(in alphabetic order)

  1. John Babich (Xfce user and documentation writer)
  2. François Cami (Xfce user and co-maintainer of the Package-x-generic-16.pngxfce4-xkb-plugin)
  3. Kevin Fenzi (Package maintainer)
  4. Dominic Hopf (Xfce user and maintainer of Package-x-generic-16.pnggeany and Package-x-generic-16.pnggeany-plugins)
  5. Johannes Lips (Xfce user and translator)
  6. Athmane Madjoudj (Testing & QA / Xfce user)
  7. Jon Masters (Xfce user, jonmasters on IRC)
  8. Adam Miller (Xfce Spin maintainer)
  9. Marcus Möller (Testing & QA)
  10. Matthias Summer (Xfce user / BugZapper)
  11. Michael Spahn (Xfce user / Fedora Ambassador / BugZapper)
  12. Simon Wesp (Xfce user)
  13. Christoph Wickert (Package maintainer, Team lead of German Xfce translation team)
  14. Raphael Groner (Xfce user)
  15. Luis Bazan (Xfce user / Fedora Ambassador)
  16. Zachary Snyder (Xfce user, supporter / Fedora Design Team)

Joining the SIG

Joining the Xfce SIG is as simple as being part of Fedora and having a love for Xfce. Once you are a contributor to Fedora, you can join the SIG by adding your name above and communicating with the rest of the team in the usual Fedora channels .

How you can help

If you have no idea how to help us with providing a good and qualitative excellent release of Xfce in Fedora here are some proposals where we need help:

  • Packagers: There are so many interesting packages that are not yet packaged for Fedora. Package it to improve the user experience.
  • Reviewers: Only a few persons are doing the xfce-related reviews. Help us reviewing so that more packages could be included.
  • Testers: If you love Xfce use the development version or the updates-testing repository and report bugs, bugs, bugs, request enhancements or features. We need your feedback to improve Xfce.
  • Bugs: Become a BugZapper and help us with Xfce related bugs.
  • Documentation writers: Make sure that documentation of Xfce is high quality and complete in Fedora.
  • Release Notes: Help with writing the release notes
  • Wiki: Maintain and keep it updated with end user information.
  • Artists: To provide a matching theme for nodoka-theme and other Xfce related artwork

IRC Channel

We have informal chats about Xfce development in #fedora-devel IRC channel in freenode. Refer Communicate page for more information.

Mailing List

Package Requests

The following is a list of Xfce centric packages people would like to see packaged up and maintained for Fedora:

Package Name Brief Description Review (or Spec) Maintainers Status
xfce4-embed-plugin This plugin enables the embedding of arbitrary application
windows into the Xfce panel.
TBD TBD promoted on Mailing List
xfce4-kbdleds-plugin This plugin shows the state of your keyboard LEDs:
Caps, Scroll and Num Lock in Xfce panel..
TBD TBD promo on Mailing List