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Fedora Test Days
ABRT 2 + Retrace Server

Date 2011-03-31
Time all day

IRC #fedora-test-day (webirc)
Mailing list test

What to test?

Today's installment of Fedora Test Day will focus on Retrace Server and Automated Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT).

Who's available

The following cast of characters will be available testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...

  • Development - Jiří Moskovčák (jmoskovc), Nikola Pajkovsky (npajkovs), Denys Vlasenko (dvlasenk), Karel Klíč (kklic), Michal Toman (mtoman)
  • Quality Assurance - Michal Nowak (mnowak)

Prerequisite for Test Day

You will need either fully updated Fedora 15 system or a live image for ABRT.

Fedora 15 installation

If you don't already have existing Fedora 15 installation, you may get LiveCD.

How to test?

Prio to test: Make sure abrtd service is running as well as abrt-cpp service was started and /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern contains e.g. |/usr/libexec/abrt-hook-ccpp /var/spool/abrt %s %c %p %u %g %t %h %e 636f726500

Please follow each of following ABRT Test Cases and sum up the results in the table below:

  1. QA:Testcase ABRT CCPP addon - C/C++ tracebacks
  2. QA:Testcase ABRT python - python tracebacks
  3. QA:Testcase ABRT python better debugging - tests how EasierPythonDebugging works with python (see How to test for more info)
  4. QA:Testcase ABRT kernel - kernel oops
  5. QA:TestCase ABRT BlackList - package blacklist
  6. QA:Testcase ABRT quota - limiting the space occupied by ABRT's cache
  7. QA:Testcase ABRT Plugins - configuring plugins
  8. QA:Testcase ABRT Bugzilla - Bugzilla plugin
  9. QA:Testcase ABRT Logger - Logger plugin
  10. QA:Testcase ABRT Mailx - Mailx plugin
  11. QA:Testcase ABRT SOSreport plugin - sosreport integration with ABRT
  12. QA:Testcase ABRT GUI MAIN - testing the GUI (probably already during the previous steps, so just to sum it up)
  13. QA:Testcase ABRT CLI - CLI interface
  14. QA:Testcase ABRT GUI Localized - exploring localized GUI
  15. QA:Testcase ABRT CLI Localized - exploring localized CLI
  16. QA:Testcase Retrace Server CLI - Retrace Server CLI
  17. QA:Testcase Retrace Server GUI - Retrace Server in ABRT GUI
Close all fake bugs you create!
During certain test cases you will be required to simulate application crashes and report these crashes into Bugzilla. It is very important that after every such fake report you open the link provided by ABRT and close that bug as NOTABUG with comment like "ABRT testing bug". Otherwise you would overload package developers with fake bug reports. Thank you.
Report SELinux denials against ABRT
If you encounter some SELinux (AVC) denials during testing, please report them against the abrt package, not selinux package. Thanks.

Test Results

Please report all bugs into Bugzilla against the abrt component and Fedora 15 release.

User CCPP python pydebug kernel Blacklist GPG check GPG keys quota Plugins Bugzilla Logger Mailx Act&Rep SOSreport Cron GUI CLI RS CLI RS GUI References
Sample User
Pass pass
Warning warn
Fail fail
Pass pass
Pass pass
Pass pass
Pass pass
Pass pass
  1. Test pass, but also encountered RHBZ #54321
  2. RHBZ #12345