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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-04-27


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • tchung: ThomasChung
  • kushal: KushalDas
  • ke4qqq: DavidNalley
  • MrTom: ThomasCanniot
  • iWolf: JeffreyTadlock
  • BruderTux: FlorianBrand
  • JoseTarazona: JoseTarazona
  • rmoreira1: RuiMoreira
  • [splinux] : DamienDurand
  • KarlieRobinson: KarlieRobinson
  • eugene: EugeneTeo
  • sankarshan: SankarshanMukhopadhyay
  • abompard: AurelienBompard
  • rwhetsel: RobertWhetsel
  • Ekushey: RussellJohn
  • mether: RahulSundaram
  • gja: TejasDinkar
  • gregdek: GregDeKoenigsberg
  • greendisease: JackAboutboul




  • BruderTux reports
  • Yesterday we collected the booth furniture from the RH Storage
  • unfortunately the booth color is red, which cannot be easily changed.
  • We have 4 demo pods plus a counter
  • the counter is curved and will carry a big Infinity-F
  • we will use our old training hardware to demo FC5, FDS and stuff like LVM2/GFS...
  • A0 posters are currently produced at the university of Basel (for free)
  • Gregs DVDs have arrived
  • we are going to sell them for 2EUR a piece to:
  • a) finance the booth extras,
  • b) discourage people from just taking a DVD and never using FC5.
  • booth extas are things like: FC banner, refreshments, maybe some barstools ...
  • we have some 8 people on the booth.
  • Gerold and I will take the lead. Dunja from Red Hat HC will be here until friday to hire some people and get to know FC better
  • Some more developers wil come
  • also Heinz Mauelshagen, Marcel Holtmann and some others will be on the booth
  • so we should have a good presence.
  • Stop (medium size).png See LinuxTag for more information.

Famsco Update

  • lxmaier reports
  • Famsco has not met this week, but we have been working in the background
  • See
  • whenever we meet, we post the summary there you will also see the agenda for our next meeting on this page
  • tchung: we didn't actually have any meeting but we did report from each task group via list.
  • rwhetsel: I am working on SOP for different areas for the project

Project Reports


  • tchung reports
  • By now, everyone heard of FreeMedia Project Basically, it is a volunteer initiative under Fedora Distribution Project that aims to distribute Fedora Core media (DVDs) for free to individuals.
  • See
  • Since the Request Form is opened again, we had close to 70 free media requests.
  • I took care of most of requests from USA
  • Some of them were taken care of via Sponsored Media Program (thanks to Karlie)
  • but there are still many requests need to be fulfilled.
  • See
  • KarlieRobinson: Please remember to get the word out about Sponsored Media. Every user who wants to contribute may.
  • KarlieRobinson: the reason Sponsored Media was created was to help with the back log
  • tchung: let's discuss freemedia related topics at

Video Contest

  • lxmaier reports
  • we have finalized the copy and the prizes are in produciton
  • creative commons' designers are building a web page and graphics to promote the contest
  • we have three judges (need five more) Stop (medium size).png currently 4 from Fedora Project and 5 from CC


  • mether reports
  • lxmaier: how many presentations do we have in the repo?
  • mether: about two dozen or so not including fudcon boston ones
  • gja: shouldn't we try to take points from each (presentations) and compress into a few presentations (not including technical topics) so that ambassadors who want to make new slides need not go through all of them?
  • eugene: the point is that, the presentations represents the information presented at the various different events, so i reckon it shouldn't be combined and even if gja wanted to compress them into a single presentation for other ambassador to resue, it should be done separately.
  • gja: wasn't the original idea to have a standard Fedora Presentation that Any ambassador can customise within a few inutes, and just go on and speak?
  • MrTom: it's impossible to have a standard presentation, as we all don't make presentation in english, and even if it is translated, ambassadors are free to add/remove things and emphasize some points. Too much guidance will kill the guidance :)
  • gregdek: A translation does not need to be word for word...but there still needs to be a baseline presentation...
  • eugene: on second thought, maybe a few slides of the standard overview of the fedora project may be useful. other than that, as mrtom wrote, it's not quite possible to have a standard presentation. that way, we can get updated overviews if we need to use it.
  • gregdek: Not only is it possible to have standard presentations, I think it's absolutely necessary. Translations can be very liberal, but the goal is to disseminate correct information. To that end, we need to figure out which presentations we need. My recommendations:
  • What is Fedora;
  • What's new in FC5;
  • What's the future of Fedora;
  • Topic-specific presentations (Xen, SELinux, howto contribute, etc.)
  • BruderTux: in my experience _standard_ presentations usually do not work that well because everybody has his own presenation style. So we should offer presentation building blocks
  • gregdek: I'm not suggesting that everyone be shackled to one presentation. I'm suggesting that we have standard presentations...for verbatim use by those who wish it...and for modification by those who have sufficient understanding to do so.
  • gregdek: So who owns this item? :)
  • lxmaier: gja seems like a perfect victim :)
  • gja: fair enough :)
  • lxmaier: okay then, gja will concoct a standard presentation and we will move on

Review upcoming events

  • lxmaier: we won't be able to do three months with the time running out, we'll only do one month

Apr 27, 2006 IRC Presentation #fedora-fr-meeting

  • MrTom reports
  • ok we are ready for everything i think, we had a meeting yesterday evening
  • we advertised it on linux related websites
  • we also started a project to help organizing vfudcon in the future
  • and as a final note, the french ubuntu community made a announce yesterday to do the same as what we are doing tonight :p

Apr 29, 2006 LUGS Singapore Management University

  • eugene reports
  • i will be speaking about fc5 this saturday
  • i probably be speaking about systemtap in 2 months time (tentatively).
  • gregdek: Apologies for not getting eugene any goodies for this event
  • eugene: no problem gdk, goodies for the next event would be awesome :)

May 3-6, 2006 Linuxtag Germany Wiesbaden

  • lxmaier: We had an update from BruderTux earlier in the meeting Stop (medium size).png see above
  • gregdek: Shipping and customs are eating us alive, for what it's worth. PLEASE make sure that you get schwag requests in a month ahead, and please be persistent.
  • And expect to see reduced numbers.
  • And expect to see a new proposal for schwag soon, because the current mechanisms are costly and not nearly as effective as we'd like.

May 20, 2006 Multimedia Day France Cambrai FRANCE

  • MrTom: nothing to add since last week
  • gregdek: Who owns schwag for MrTom's event?
  • ***gregdek supposes it's him. :)
  • MrTom: i don't have any schwag, i asked for some but i was answered that they won't be ready for the event
  • lxmaier: then all the power to gregdek
  • gregdek: MrTom: Please contact me offline and we'll work something out.

Schwag pipeline and a Standard Ambassadors Survival Kit

  • gregdek reports
  • Schwag: Goal is still May 8th.

Next Meeting