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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-08-31

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(10:17:44) lxmaier: As you know (or not), Famsco is receiving all messages directed to ,, and these amount to about 10 a week
(10:18:26) lxmaier: we have been trying to take care of them in timely manner, but sometimes it would take us a day or two to get back to the requestor
(10:19:01) lxmaier: so Famsco has discussed this, and we will soon be redirecting the incoming messages to Fedora-Marketing list
(10:19:42) lxmaier: then the entire community will be able to help answer to requests from people outside the Fedora project
(10:21:02) lxmaier: we have approved PawelSadowski's request for production of some T-shirts in Poland
(10:21:25) lxmaier: We have also approved and are supporting JeffreyTadlock's Linux Day event
(10:22:23) lxmaier: Also, we have approved the expenses for a Fedora Day in India, led by Satyadhyan
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  • FreeMedia
(10:24:06) karlie: We're just about to start a new month
(10:24:36) karlie: We finished Aug with in a few days of closing the list and we'll be doing more requests in september
(10:25:16) karlie: I've still got a ton of discs from Max and I've lost count on how much postage On-Disk customers have purchased
(10:25:27) karlie: So when the list opens I'll just start sending
  • VideoContest
(10:27:26) lxmaier: We have finished the voting process and the winner will be announced today
  • Presentations
(10:28:06) lxmaier: mether: care to give us a quick update on how the presentations and stuff are being updated in preparation to the FC6 launch?
(10:29:01) lxmaier: mether is away from the keyboard, huh?
(10:29:21) lxmaier: alright, anybody here who is helping him do this and can give us an update?
(10:29:35) lxmaier: anyone wants to volunteer to help mether?
(10:29:40) McGiwer: i will contact him
(10:29:50) McGiwer: i want to help, but i need to know details
(10:30:00) McGiwer: so i will ping him today :>
(10:30:13) lxmaier: McGiwer: thanks for this
(10:31:51) McGiwer: i will speak at my school
(10:31:55) McGiwer: about Open Source and Fedora
(10:32:02) McGiwer: maybe give away few DVDs
(10:32:14) McGiwer: maybe i will organize some competition
(10:32:25) McGiwer: so someone could win a Fedora T-shirt
(10:32:43) McGiwer: (i want to keep them for other conferences)
(10:33:02) McGiwer: i think it will be about 45 minutes presentation
  • Sept 30, 2006 Ohio LinuxFest 2006 Columbus, OH, USA
(10:34:57) iWolf: A small group of us met this week to make more concrete preparations.  We have price quotes coming in on production of T-Shirts and stickers.
(10:35:14) iWolf: So we can finally submit costs to FAMSCO for reimbursement before we have them made.
(10:35:27) iWolf: Estimated budget should be ready by this weekend.
(10:35:52) iWolf: We do have one question though.  We need higher res logos for the T-shirts and stickers we have in mind.
(10:36:15) lxmaier: iWolf: greg or max should be able to provide that to you
(10:36:25) iWolf: Great!
(10:36:30) iWolf: Things are going well here then.
  • Oct, 11-12, 2006 LinuxWorld Netherlands 2006 Utrecht, Netherlands
(10:37:34) lxmaier: still need owner for this event
  • Sept 16, Software Freedom Day, Kathmandu, Nepal
(10:39:41) aks: We are planning a bunch of events on that day here in Nepal
(10:39:57) aks: actually a team called FOSS-Nepal has formed to look over the events
(10:40:33) aks: Regarding Fedora, the opspit team is looking after Installation and Troubleshooting of FOSS Packages
(10:40:51) aks: We have included (a small sort of ) Fedora Install Fest at the event
(10:41:09) aks: more details could be found at

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