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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2007-03-22

Meeting Time


  • FrancescoUgolini
  • RyanColeman
  • SaadaldineAlsaidi
  • AndreasRau
  • AravindSeshadri
  • FabianAffolter
  • nirik

Meeting Protocol




  • FAmSCo Update
  • Note that the FAmSCo Election policy has changed.
  • Elections will now be held after 2 major Fedora releases.
  • This is to promote the continuity of the FAmSCo work and to assure better Ambassador guidance.
  • Project Reports
  • Nothing to report.
  • Review of Upcoming Events
  • All Events Reviews note the following information:
  • LinuxTag Berlin 2007
  • Discussions about a pre LinuxTag meeting for Ambassadors and Helpers. All agreed to contact each other outside of the meeting to arrange something. If you need more information about this meeting AndreasRau is a good bet.
  • If you have any questions the host for this meeting was FrancescoUgolini.
  • The meeting summary was produced by RyanColeman.

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