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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2007-04-12

Meeting Time


This week's Ambassadors Meeting Lead is: ThomasChung

  • ThomasChung (tchung)
  • FabianAffolter (fabian_a)
  • JuanRodriguezMoreno (Nushio)
  • SaadaldineAlsaidi (saadsaidi)
  • BobJensen (EvilBob)
  • DamienDurand ([splinux] )
  • SamiBenyounes (SamiBen)

Meeting Protocol


Ambassadors, please type your meeting agenda here.



Apr 12 15:05:20 <tchung>	Unlinke other meetings, we'll continue use wiki to plan our meeting in the future.
Apr 12 15:05:37 <tchung>	Also we'll have a short meeting (30-45 mins) instead of 1 hour meeting.
Apr 12 15:08:34 <fabian_a>	at 2007-04-21 will be a meeting for prepare linuxtag
Apr 12 15:09:11 <fabian_a>	other things are still in progress
Apr 12 15:09:12 <fabian_a>	eof
Apr 12 15:09:19 <tchung>	fabian_a, when is the linuxtag?
Apr 12 15:09:45 <fabian_a>	Wednesday, May 30th till Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
Apr 12 15:10:20 <tchung>	I see an event page has been setup already.
Apr 12 15:10:24 <tchung>
Apr 12 15:10:28 <fabian_a>	fad 2007-05-29, fudcon and installparty 2007-05-31
Apr 12 15:10:55 <tchung>	Have you been contacting with Max for your required materials or funding?
Apr 12 15:11:50 <fabian_a>	GeroldKa is in charge about this issues and in contakt with Max
Apr 12 15:12:09 <tchung>	I see. Thank you for the info. fabian_a
Apr 12 15:12:21 <fabian_a>	we need no media because there will be only an install-server with f7
Apr 12 15:12:42 <fabian_a>	eof
Apr 12 15:12:46 <tchung>	That's a great idea. fabian_a
Apr 12 15:14:34 <tchung>	As some of you know, if you need any media for your event, please make sure
to submit your request via the form.
Apr 12 15:14:56 <tchung>	The Ambassadors Form is located at
Apr 12 15:15:25 <tchung>	And we'll track your request at
Apr 12 15:24:05 <tchung>	I just want to remind you that I still have a lot of FC5 (Fedora Core 5 x86) DVDs
available in my inventory.
Apr 12 15:24:34 <tchung>	I would like to distribute them among our Ambassadors in next few weeks.
Apr 12 15:25:26 <tchung>	Recently I learned from local Post Office, a custom form is not required if the
package is less than 16 ounces.
Apr 12 15:26:04 <tchung>	This is great news since it's a pain in the neck to write a custom form every time
I ship something to outside of US.
Apr 12 15:28:48 <tchung>	Fedora Core 5 and Fedora Core 6 is *still* supported (in loose term) product.
Apr 12 15:29:23 <tchung>	Fedora Project still release security advisories and software updates for FC5.
Apr 12 15:30:46 <tchung>	If a user request for help on any release of Fedora, I would suggest to point to
our "Communicate" page
Apr 12 15:31:00 <tchung>
Apr 12 15:31:14 <tchung>	Normally, I recommend and fedora-list for end-user support/help
Apr 12 15:35:17 <tchung>	I would like to remind all Ambassaors thare we still have many requests need to be
fulfilled for the month of April.
Apr 12 15:35:48 <tchung>	We keep the request and status for the month of April at,
Apr 12 15:35:51 <tchung>
Apr 12 15:36:35 <tchung>	As an Ambassador, I believe it's our duty to provide media to local community who
can't afford to buy or download.
Apr 12 15:37:10 <tchung>	I really apprecated if you all particiate in this program and fulfill at least
2-3 media a month.
Apr 12 15:38:06 <tchung>	The request does not have to come from your country. As an Ambassador for USA,
I plan to fulfill requests from USA first then other countries such as China
and other Asian countries.

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