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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2007-04-19

Meeting Time


This week's Ambassadors Meeting Lead is: FrancescoUgolini

  • BogomilShopov : bogomil
  • FrancescoUgolini : FrancescoUgolini
  • MohdIzharFirdaus : KageSenshi
  • MaximeCarron : Pingoomax
  • JoergSimon : kital
  • FabianAffolter : fabian_a
  • JeroenVanMeeuwen : kanarip
  • AndreasRau : andreasr
  • RobertAlbrecht : romal

Not Ambassadors:

  • Pierre-YvesChibon : pingou

Meeting Protocol


Ambassadors, please type your meeting agenda here.



<fabian_a> There is a project called Fedora EventBox
<fabian_a> i think for small events this would be very useful....for big events like Linuxtag not
<fabian_a> for events which are covered by one or two person
<fabian_a> the problem will be the money for this....and the delivery to the locations
<bogomil> +1
<Pingoomax> i'm quite agree with this
<Pingoomax> in small events, there are few ambassadors
<Pingoomax> they can't provides all stuff by their own
<Pingoomax> the real problem is delay
<Pingoomax> if a set is readdy, it easier to ship it quickly
<FrancescoUgolini> Yes, it's a usefull tool. Personally i think if we coordinate this project
something good can be done
<FrancescoUgolini> We can create a timetable, where people ask for material
<FrancescoUgolini> and then you can easly manage this
<Pingoomax> i think we have to go step by step
<Pingoomax> providing computer is a bit hard
<Pingoomax> at first we can make a small event box
<Pingoomax> with flyers, banners, (t-shirt) goodies, and of course dvds
<Pingoomax> we all have pcs that we can bring to events
<Pingoomax> it's better to have a small set that we can send quicly to ambassadors
<Pingoomax> than a really big an great one which is really hard to send
<bogomil> +1
<kanarip> +1 Pingoomax
<kital> i think the only thing what we should provide is a "guide" how to build a booth (where he
can put things with good effects)
<Pingoomax> +1
<kital> every event should have a table
<kital> a wall
<kital> a bit clue band
<kital> and our artwork has a short lifecycle so Banners must produce every time new
<kital> therefore we are ambassadors to organize by our own and react flexible on the given situation
<FrancescoUgolini> +1
<FrancescoUgolini> KageSenshi
<KageSenshi> +1
<KageSenshi> adding a lil bit to kital suggestion ...
<KageSenshi> in each countries theres a few ambassadors ..
<KageSenshi> some stuff can be provided by the ambassadors themselves
<KageSenshi> i'm suggesting every country have their own eventbox whch they make themselves to use among
them .. with the international eventbox as a compliment to it
<FrancescoUgolini> KageSenshi, what you say is correct, the problem is that a country event box is usefull
only for country with more than 5 ambassadors
<fabian_a> standard-banners can reused....
<fabian_a> i think after linuxtag there will be a lot of stuff in germany
<fabian_a> i think that this stuff can reused at events in other european countries
<FrancescoUgolini> +1
<KageSenshi> +1
<kital> +1
<kanarip> has anyone ever considered contacting a world-wide express delivery company with all this
sending back and forth of materials, and get some account with a nice discount (sponsoring?)
or something?
<FrancescoUgolini> kanarip, i think we have to do this :)
<KageSenshi> +1
<kital> i think the eventbox "guide" could contain expiriences like "to stick the dvd on a desk so the
people must ask" or "to produce templates for flyers" you can put on the desk
<kital> eof
<kanarip> FrancescoUgolini, include the free media program as well, maybe there's other SIGs / Projects
that would need such an account / send a lot of stuff
<FrancescoUgolini> yes, i think guide is the most usefull thing, becaumse many time people don't know
how to use their material
<FrancescoUgolini> kanarip,  yes, we will do this.
<romal> Tomorrow is a party for schools and pupils.
<romal> We will show gcompris and other tools for kids on several Fedora and Ubuntu systems.
<romal> It is organized by the german green party in Bremen.
<Pingoomax> in france some events are coming
<Pingoomax> i will add its to the "official" list
<FrancescoUgolini> Pingoomax, would you to present those ?
<Pingoomax> May 12th i will not be there
<Pingoomax> jun 2nd and 3rd (same thing)
<Pingoomax> Montpellier 14, 15 & 16 Juin 2007
<Pingoomax> this one is organised by ALL
<Pingoomax> an association (??? it's not an english word) which promote free software
<Pingoomax> it's a 3 day events
<Pingoomax> we have a booth for saturday
<Pingoomax> (thurday and friday poeple works :( )
<Pingoomax> currently 3 ambassadors ....
<Pingoomax> (little problem with my english)
<Pingoomax> there will be 3 ambassadors there
<Pingoomax> me (lyon), BenoitMarcelin(lyon) and GuillaumeKullakowski (Montpellier)
<Pingoomax> The one in paris
<Pingoomax> 23 Juin 2007
<Pingoomax> the biggest one i think
<Pingoomax> is to promote F7 release
<Pingoomax> for FC6 there was more than 10 ambassadors from all over France
<Pingoomax> this year we will be more i think
<Pingoomax> in lyon, that i try to organise with benoit
<Pingoomax> we still looking for a location
<FrancescoUgolini> May 30-Jun 2, 2007  LinuxTag Berlin 2007  Berlin, Germany, LinuxTag is Europe's
biggest Open Source conference and expo
<FrancescoUgolini> Updates?
<FrancescoUgolini> As i know the booth is officially confirmed
<fabian_a> Fedora Project is approved for the participation for LinuxTag. Booth No. will be 12.73 and the size 21 sqm.
<fabian_a> Florian Brand has organzied all talks for FUDCon.
<fabian_a> at 2007-04-21 will be a meeting for preparation of LinuxTag this is the deadline for signing up for
a room ->
<FrancescoUgolini> June 20-23 2007  WebTech 2007  Sofia, Bulgaria
<bogomil> There will be 2 pre-WebTech events. One is Linux day this weekend and next one is OpenSource day
in April 27 th. I will produce about 100 Live CD and DVD's and I will make 2 lections about fedora 7
and fedora project.

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