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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2007-04-26

Meeting Time


This week's Ambassadors Meeting will be lead by ThomasChung

  • ThomasChung tchung
  • HolgerDoerner HolgerDoerner
  • ManuelWolfshant wolfy
  • BenoîtMarcelin sereinity
  • FrancescoUgolini FrancescoUgolini
  • JensKuehnel jenskuehnel
  • FabianAffolter fabian_a
  • JohnBabich jmbuser
  • GeroldKassube GeroldKa
  • GuillermoGomez gomix
  • SaadaldineAlsaidi saadsaidi
  • ThomasCanniot MrTom

Meeting Protocol


Ambassadors, please type your meeting agenda here.



Apr 26 15:02:49 tchung	First Agenda
Apr 26 15:02:51 tchung	Go over next 3 months  Fedora Events
Apr 26 15:03:21 tchung
Apr 26 15:03:46 tchung	Is there anyone would like to discuss up-coming events or report past events?
Apr 26 15:04:39 tchung	No one from FISOL 2007 events?
Apr 26 15:05:38 gomix	well , we are pretty excited in fedora venezuela
Apr 26 15:05:44 gomix	this is our first flisol
Apr 26 15:05:56 gomix	so is our very first big encounter with other distros
Apr 26 15:06:00 gomix	in the country
Apr 26 15:06:10 gomix	everything seems to be on place
Apr 26 15:06:23 gomix	the only delayed thing is media (dvds)
Apr 26 15:06:40 gomix	wilmer jaramillo asked for them and they should be on their way in
Apr 26 15:06:51 gomix	we have a repo for installations
Apr 26 15:07:03 gomix	around 500 flyers
Apr 26 15:07:13 gomix	three large banners
Apr 26 15:07:22 gomix	three speakers
Apr 26 15:07:30 gomix	myself - talkin fedora
Apr 26 15:07:37 gomix	wilmer jaramillo - fds
Apr 26 15:07:46 gomix	walter cervini - ??
Apr 26 15:07:54 gomix	the three ambassadors will be there
Apr 26 15:07:56 gomix	eof
Apr 26 15:12:32 tchung	Now, let's go to next Agenda.
Apr 26 15:12:43 tchung
Apr 26 15:12:49 tchung	Go over  Material Request Policy
Apr 26 15:12:58 tchung	Please open
Apr 26 15:13:53 tchung	For those new to Ambassadors Project and Material Request policy, I would like go over quick.
Apr 26 15:14:27 tchung	If you're requesting DVDs for your event in US, please make sure to submit it at least *one* week before the event date.
Apr 26 15:15:06 tchung	If you're requesting DVDs for your event in *outside* of US, please make sure to submit it at least *two* weeks before the event.
Apr 26 15:17:32 tchung	We had a case when someone requested the media in less then a week for the event
Apr 26 15:18:19 tchung	and I had to ship the package in Express mail which is more expensive than Priority Mail or Air Mail.
Apr 26 15:18:45 tchung	So please submit your request at least two weeks before the event.
Apr 26 15:19:52 MrTom	I think that you've got to be strict. If the submission has been asked less than one week, then no dvd. it is a respect topic.
Apr 26 15:20:20 tchung	+1 MrTom
Apr 26 15:20:28 gotencool	+1
Apr 26 15:20:47 saadsaidi	+1
Apr 26 15:20:50 FrancescoUgolini	+1
Apr 26 15:20:55 HolgerDoerner	+1
Apr 26 15:20:58 jmbuser	+1
Apr 26 15:20:59 fabian_a	+1
Apr 26 15:21:08 sereinity	+1
Apr 26 15:21:17 gomix	+1
Apr 26 15:21:18 tchung	One more to the Material Request Policy.
Apr 26 15:22:13 tchung	We're trying to limit the number DVDs you can request for an event.
Apr 26 15:22:48 tchung	I understand some events need a lot more than others. Sometimes over 200 or 300.
Apr 26 15:23:52 tchung	As a *general* rule, we're asking to request up-to 100 DVDs and if you need more than 100, you need to use your local vendors.
Apr 26 15:25:00 tchung	This is also good way to communicate and work with local vendors to promote the event and project.
Apr 26 15:27:59 tchung	Let's go to the last Agenda
Apr 26 15:28:07 tchung
Apr 26 15:28:15 tchung	Remind FreeMedia Requests in April Queue
Apr 26 15:29:23 tchung	As most of you know, we've been distributing Fedora DVDs for free to those who couldn't download or afford to get one from local vendors.
Apr 26 15:30:08 tchung	As a Fedora Ambassador, I believe it's our responsibility to burn a copy and give them a gift of Fedora.
Apr 26 15:30:49 tchung	So I ask you again to join the program (Free Media Program) and accept at least one or two media requests.
Apr 26 15:31:12 tchung	For more informaton, visit or
Apr 26 15:31:22 tchung	just let me know if you're interested in.
Apr 26 15:32:07 fabian_a	i have placed a request for a new wiki banner for the ambassador section at artwork
Apr 26 15:32:45 fabian_a	my intention is to have a "corporate identity" through all parts of the fedora wiki before release of f7.
infrastructure has placed a request too.
Apr 26 15:33:18 fabian_a	and after that...artwork, infrastructure, docs and ambassadors will look the same with a stylish banner

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