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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2007-05-17

Meeting Time


This week's Ambassadors Meeting will be lead by FrancescoUgolini.

  • BartCouvreur
  • FrancescoUgolini FrancescoUgolini
  • KushalDas kushal
  • FabianAffolter fabian_a
  • PierreYvesChibon pingou
  • GeroldKassube GeroldKa
  • HaoweiLee cnblue
  • HanafiahMuhamad hanafiah

Meeting Protocol


Ambassadors, please type your meeting agenda here.

  • FAmSCo updates
  • Projects updates
  • Events updates
  • Ideas/Proposal and moreover ...



<FrancescoUgolini> I have an update: Fedora Taliking point
<cnblue> New fedora talking point?
<FrancescoUgolini> actually nobody contact me to contribute this project
cnblue, moment, i'll give you the link
<cnblue> OK
I want to go in for more project
<FrancescoUgolini> cnblue, in private we will discuss about such thing
<cnblue> ok
<FrancescoUgolini> i want to know if people are avaiable to work in this project
<cnblue> go on my chairman
<FrancescoUgolini> just make some slides with f7 features
<cnblue> Yes,i can
<hanafiah> cnblue: follow the protocols
<cnblue> I will try my best if you would like to
<FrancescoUgolini> cnblue, if you want to replu please use ! or ? thank you
<couf> be sure to talk with Rahul and quaid for more details, Rahul was busy doing something like this, eof
<FrancescoUgolini> perfect
<cnblue> I will try my best to help this project if you would like to
I think I am free now
<hanafiah> I think the slide should be translated to more language
The slides should also include talking point
<FrancescoUgolini> hanafiah, in fact, if you read the post
you will find what are you saying, the help it's needed is this
<hanafiah> i got it
<FrancescoUgolini> translate
<hanafiah> Extra event, a little bit personal
I'm getting married this 16/June. I would like to invite all ambassadors to my wedding ceremony.
<GeroldKa> W-O-W  where?
<FrancescoUgolini> hanafiahù
<jmbuser> hanafiah: Congratulations
<hanafiah> please refer to - Location: Malaysia
<FrancescoUgolini> please many i ask you to stay on topic
<pingou> Congratulations!! hanafiah
* gomix apologize, im late
<hanafiah> I think fedora should sponsor ambassador to join event
<FrancescoUgolini> hanafiah, fedora is not a bank
it's not a company
it's not an association
it's only a project, sponsored by RedHat
You can ask for a remboursment of some expense
but first to make those you have to ask FAmSCo
<fabian_a> only some information about linuxtag
<FrancescoUgolini> thank you
<fabian_a> some people already know...FlorianBrand has cancelled his participation at LinuxTag.
We have no furniture for the booth right now, but Gerold is in contact with the orga team to get some. The carpet will be anthracite.
We are looking for people who will help us to setup the booth.
If you are able to help, please sign up at this page
The beginning of the FAD No. 2 is 20.00 (8pm) at the Pegasus Hostel.
<FrancescoUgolini> fabian_a, i give my avaiability
<fabian_a> More details . Guests are welcome. There will be an overview by every conutry, check out the following page tomorrow to make any corrections or add your country.
On Thursday, May 31 is a SocialEvent. Please make a reservation for a ticket at if you want to go.
<GeroldKa> only two additional things; ...
we'll sell basecaps to get reimbursted and we'll have also a FUDCon there
the quit of Florian hurts much because he was the man with the coordination of FUDcon and Linuxtag Orga
but I hopefully think, we'll get all open issues covered
I got much help from all other attendees which are also in the "preperation Team" like Fabian, AndreasR and all the other
and once again ...
We like to invite ALL Ambassador to attend the FAD in front of the Linuxtag at Berlin
we'll have also there some "VIPs" ..
like Max Spevack, ...
maybe also Alan Cox
or the OrgaTeam of Linuxtag and mybe some guests from openSuSE which where addional invited
Let me say it in one sentence ...
We'll have a lot of fun, work, powerfull and pressure week in Berlin and I hope to see you all soon AND last but not least
Fedora 7 will be announced in a global availability at Linuxtag
ok, these were more than two things :-(
<kushal> I printed some stickers for LinuxTag
And got all documents to get into Germany :)

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