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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2007-05-24

Meeting Time


This week's Ambassadors Meeting will be lead by ThomasChung.

  • tchung ThomasChung
  • wolfy ManuelWolfshant
  • fabian_a FabianAffolter
  • red_alert SandroMathys
  • yungjenlin JuanCarlosLin
  • saadsaidi SaadaldineAlsaidi
  • karlie_ KarlieRobinson

Meeting Protocol


  • Ambassadors, please add your agenda here.



May 24 15:06:11 tchung	Review past and up-coming FedoraEvents
May 24 15:06:23 tchung	Please open
May 24 15:06:52 tchung	Is there anyone would like to report past FedoraEvents?
May 24 15:07:13 tchung	Is there anyone would like to discuss any near future FedoraEvent?
May 24 15:08:49 tchung	fabian_a, please give us a short update on LinuxTag.
May 24 15:09:33 fabian_a	now we have some prices for the troubleshooting contest. rh is sponsoring some courses (rhce and rhct)
May 24 15:09:55 fabian_a	there are some other sponsors...they provide books, hardware and other stuff for the troubleshooting contest
May 24 15:10:44 fabian_a	more details will come, check later
May 24 15:10:55 fabian_a	this week
May 24 15:11:30 fabian_a	almost everything is ready for linuxtag...there were some changes at the fudcon schedule
May 24 15:11:33 fabian_a	eof
May 24 15:11:50 tchung	Thank you for the update fabian_a
May 24 15:12:03 tchung	It sounds like a lot of fun
May 24 15:16:08 tchung	Review current and future status of FreeMedia Program
May 24 15:16:49 tchung	As you some of you know, we still have many un-fulfilled request for the month of May.
May 24 15:16:55 tchung
May 24 15:17:24 tchung	If you haven't joined FreeMedia Program, I encourage you to join and accept at least two request a month.
May 24 15:17:37 tchung	Reminder from Karsten - Release Announcements Talking Points
May 24 15:18:01 tchung	Karsten calls for help on Release Announces / Talking Points.
May 24 15:18:21 tchung	Please read following post and contact Karsten if you have any question.
May 24 15:18:25 tchung
May 24 15:18:44 tchung	Reminder from Max - LinuxTag and other FedoraEvents
May 24 15:19:32 tchung	As I see it this post from Max is not just for LinuxTag but it should be very useful for any up-coming Fedora Events.
May 24 15:19:37 tchung
May 24 15:19:56 tchung	Specially where it says "Remember the key points about Fedora 7:"
May 24 15:20:14 tchung	"Fedora is an open platform for innovation."
May 24 15:20:20 tchung	"Think about those 3 words:"
May 24 15:20:26 tchung	OPEN -- the entire Fedora Process is now completely in the community
May 24 15:20:31 tchung	PLATFORM -- we provide a huge number of RPMs and a "suggested" ISO. But people can expand and build on what we provide however they want
May 24 15:20:37 tchung	INNOVATION -- Fedora is where we always push to do new things, and include the newest free software technology
May 24 15:21:27 tchung	Reminder from Karlie -
May 24 15:21:38 tchung	Karlie, are you here?
May 24 15:21:41 karlie_	Yes
May 24 15:22:23 tchung	> karlie_
May 24 15:23:27 tchung	karlie_, please tell us about
May 24 15:24:34 tchung	Its seems we lost the contact.
May 24 15:24:47 tchung	let me just point to the post.
May 24 15:24:52 tchung
May 24 15:25:04 karlie_	Anyway, Taking on that point of innovation, we've created to launch Fedora creativity
May 24 15:25:04 karlie_	Every ISO we gather at will be listed at with a free Media sponsorship
May 24 15:25:04 karlie_	so please, if you know of anyone mixing their own fedora ISO's send them over

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