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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2007-07-19

Meeting Time


This week's Ambassadors Meeting will be lead by ThomasChung.

Meeting Protocol


Ambassadors, update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.
  1. Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events. See Fedora Events page and LWN Calendar .
  2. Report current status of Ambassadors Materials. See Tracker page.
  3. Report current status of Ambassadors Membership. See Verification page.
  4. Report current status of Fedora Free Media Program. See June and July pages.



Jul 19 15:12:39 tchung	First agenda.
Jul 19 15:12:44 tchung	Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events.
Jul 19 15:13:08 tchung	Let's see. Let's take a look current  Fedora Events page
Jul 19 15:13:13 tchung
Jul 19 15:13:43 tchung	Normally, we review Fedora Events for next 3 months.
Jul 19 15:14:14 tchung	Is there anyone here to report current status of event you're working on?
Jul 19 15:15:07 jmbuser	I just posted to the fedora marketing and ambassador lists...
Jul 19 15:15:43 jmbuser	and to my Fedora Planet syndicated blog concerning GITEX.
Jul 19 15:16:23 jmbuser	I will be contacting Red Hat EMEA concerning sharing their booth.
Jul 19 15:17:07 jmbuser	I am looking for volunteers to man the booth, produce and distribute Live CDs, etc.
Jul 19 15:17:12 jmbuser	eof
Jul 19 15:17:48 tchung	If I remember correct, your company is going to pay for the trip to Dubai. Is this correct?
Jul 19 15:18:19 jmbuser	Yes, but I will need accommodation - hoping to stay with a friend.
Jul 19 15:19:06 tchung	How about media? Do you need any DVDs or LiveCDs? jmbuser
Jul 19 15:20:22 jmbuser	Yes, I do.
Jul 19 15:20:53 tchung	Ok, then, please make sure to submit your request via our Ambassadors Material request form.
Jul 19 15:21:00 tchung
Jul 19 15:21:19 jmbuser	Will do...
Jul 19 15:23:03 RodrigoPadula	Here in Brazil, we will have 3 events in the next 3 months.
Jul 19 15:23:23 RodrigoPadula
Jul 19 15:23:36 RodrigoPadula
Jul 19 15:24:04 RodrigoPadula	and Latinoware
Jul 19 15:25:44 RodrigoPadula	II LINUXFESTIVAL and II ENSL we wil have 2 lectures
Jul 19 15:25:52 RodrigoPadula	and Fedora Booth
Jul 19 15:26:16 RodrigoPadula	so... we will need some budget and fedora stuffs
Jul 19 15:26:53 RodrigoPadula	eof
Jul 19 15:27:17 tchung	I assume you'll need lots of stuff for these 3 events?
Jul 19 15:27:52 tchung	Let's contact Max for the budget. At the moment he's on vacation until July 31st.
Jul 19 15:28:15 RodrigoPadula	oks
Jul 19 15:28:24 tchung	Since those events are more than 2 months away, we have time.
Jul 19 15:28:37 RodrigoPadula	thanks!
Jul 19 15:29:00 tchung	Agena #2
Jul 19 15:29:05 tchung	Report current status of Ambassadors Materials.
Jul 19 15:29:39 tchung	Good news. we now have F7 DVDs and LiveCDs produced and ready to ship.
Jul 19 15:30:02 tchung	Still, I can only ship up-to 100 media at a time.
Jul 19 15:30:27 tchung	If you need more than 100 media, you'll need to either contact Max or produce them locally and ask for reimbursement.
Jul 19 15:32:33 RodrigoPadula	RH Brazil produced 2200 dvds to Brazilian Free Media Project
Jul 19 15:32:42 RodrigoPadula	Here we have 26 states
Jul 19 15:33:20 RodrigoPadula	i will recruit free media collaborators to spread fedora... burning and distributing this medias
Jul 19 15:34:24 RodrigoPadula	the idea is to distribute fedora dvds to all braziliand states
Jul 19 15:35:30 RodrigoPadula	supporting all Brazilian states 100%
Jul 19 15:35:33 RodrigoPadula	eof
Jul 19 15:36:31 tchung	Ok. then. Agenda #3
Jul 19 15:36:36 tchung	Report current status of Ambassadors Membership
Jul 19 15:36:54 tchung	As you can see from our Verification page.
Jul 19 15:36:57 tchung
Jul 19 15:37:24 tchung	We now have more 230 "verified" members in our Fedora Ambassadors Project.
Jul 19 15:37:57 tchung	However, we still have dozen members who still have not signed cla nor joined Ambassadors project.
Jul 19 15:38:15 tchung	So, we need to contact them to encourage them to join.
Jul 19 15:38:58 tchung	Do we any volunteer here to do such task?
Jul 19 15:39:17 RodrigoPadula	i can do it!
Jul 19 15:41:03 tchung	Agenda #4
Jul 19 15:41:06 tchung	Report current status of Fedora Free Media Program.
Jul 19 15:41:42 tchung	I'm happy to report we have completed Free Media Program fo the month June successfully.
Jul 19 15:41:48 tchung
Jul 19 15:42:23 tchung	As some of you know already, we received well over 450 request in one day for F7 requests in June.
Jul 19 15:43:04 tchung	For the month of July, we set the capacity back to normal 100 and it only took 20 mins to reach the capacity. :)
Jul 19 15:43:35 tchung	However, we still have many un-fulfilled requests waiting for July.
Jul 19 15:43:42 tchung
Jul 19 15:44:06 tchung	So, I ask you to accept at least 1 or 2 request per month.

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