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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2007-07-26

Meeting Time


This week's Ambassadors Meeting will be lead by SiddharthUpmanyu.

  • techbugs SiddharthUpmanyu
  • Sparks EricChristensen
  • sereinity BenoîtMarcelin
  • himam HishamAbdelMagid
  • mxcarron MaximeCarron
  • wolfy ManuelWolfshant
  • jmbuser JohnBabich

Meeting Protocol


Ambassadors, update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.
  1. New Event : Linux SD 2007
  2. Updates on GITEX



Jul 26 17:14:12 <himam>	i sat many times with them during the last week, and we came to the idea of establishing a "student event"
Jul 26 17:14:52 <himam>	which is so called for the time "Linux SD 2007"
Jul 26 17:14:58 <himam>	and to be held annually
Jul 26 17:15:49 <himam>	the idea basically is to have an exhibition, free training courses, and public seminars from senior users
Jul 26 17:16:55 <himam>	the benefit would definitely be in shape of gaining more and more interested graduate people in Fedora
Jul 26 17:17:22 <himam>	besides, it strengthening the Linux community, which began to expand dramatically in Sudan
Jul 26 17:17:47 <himam>	this is 1st basic idea...
Jul 26 17:33:57 <jmbuser>	It appears we shall have an OLPC laptop in the Red Hat booth, which is relevant due to
Fedora being the upstream OS and heavy Fedora involvement (plus Red Hat)
Jul 26 17:34:28 *	jmbuser waits for techbugs to return
Jul 26 17:35:17 <techbugs>	jmbuser >
Jul 26 17:35:30 <jmbuser>	I was just saying that the OLPC laptop appears to be confirmed for GITEX
Jul 26 17:36:06 <techbugs>	good news..
Jul 26 17:36:08 <jmbuser>	I still am looking for more volunteers to man the booth and help prepare Live Cds

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