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The final artwork design and preparation has been turned over to fedora to complete. This theme proposal is closed.

~-*** Please post comments to the forum, list server, or IRC ***-~


The concept of this submission is based on the open source value of "excellence" and the theme celebrates the level of achievement obtained by the efforts of the fedora community. This concept moves away from the bubble effects of fc5 and the water illusion of fc6 but attempts to retained the round elements found in both with the balloons.

Fedora Images

GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader)

~-Comment: The grub image is linked to the graphic of First Boot.-~

~-Pre-GRUB Screen Example-~ ~-Post-GRUB Screen Example-~

~-Note: The pre and post GRUB screens do not contain fedora artwork.-~

RHGB (Red Hat Graphical Boot)

~-Comment: The current (FC6) color scheme is retained.-~


Optional GDM Splash Screen

GDM Desktop

KDE Splash Screen

KDE Desktop

Installation Images

Anaconda Prompt Screen

Anaconda Splash Screen

Anaconda Progress Screen

First Boot Screen

Optional Images

Gimp Splash Screen

Open Office Splash Screen

GDM Screen Saver Unlock Screen

Statement of Authenticity

-) ~-All of the images of this theme were created using inkscape operating on Fedora Core 6.-~

~-Reference: Artwork Specifications -~