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Hackergotchi Service


A hackergotchi is a picture of a writer used as an avatar to identify the author of a given RSS feed in blog aggregators.

This service is intended for people aggregated on Planet Fedora , but not only them (I am sure contributors to Fedora Art will be glad to help contributors to other FOSS projects) who don't have a hackergotchi yet, don't have the time or skill to create one or just want some help from someone more experienced in the field.

How to use the service

For users

Add a new entry in the ""Request list"" below, specify the name you are known on Planet Fedora (so the final result can be submitted directly to the Planet admin), an URL for at least one source image an, if needed, any additional comments. NOTE: for a good result, please post a good quality image at a large resolution, so we have something to work with.

Watch the page to see when is taken/completed. If needed submit when ready to [[MailTo(admin AT fedoraproject DOT org)]

For Fedora Art contributors

When you start working on a new graphic change the status to reflect is taken. When ready, change the status again and either submit the graphic to [[MailTo(admin AT fedoraproject DOT org)] or upload the graphic here and leave the user to submit himself.

As a courtesy, please send a copy of your work to the user before submitting to the Fedora Project Administrator.

Request list

Wiki Username Original Image Final Image Artist Status
David Sugar [1]
Kalpa Welivitigoda [2]
Nathaniel McCallum [3] Schendje Proposal
Sascha Thomas Spreitzer [4] NicuBuculei Good work! Thank you very much Nicu!
lucazz [5] NicuBuculei proposal
dbruno [6] NicuBuculei Thanks Nicu, great work!
pcalarco [7] NicuBuculei Fantastic, thanks Nicu!
NicuBuculei Proposal
lcafiero [8] [9]
NicuBuculei: sorry for being so late, here is (I think) an improved version
LCafiero (though the term 'artist' here is used very loosely) Thank you, Nicu. This is MUCH better than my feeble attempt.
dramsey [10] NicuBuculei Proposal (made from a low-quality source image)

Thank you, Nicu!!! Excellent work indeed!  :)

pravins image NicuBuculei Proposal (made from a low-quality source image)
GianlucaBusiello [11] NicuBuculei Proposal
AniPeter image File:Artwork HackergotchiService anipeter.png NicuBuculei proposal
BehdadEsfahbod image Done BehdadEsfahbod + NicuBuculei Behdad, you did almost all the work yourserf, I just resized it, tweadked the colors a bit and added a drop shadow.
RemiCollet JPG image taken NicuBuculei Great job. Approved. Please send it to admin
RodrigoMenezes image image RodrigoMenezes Made by requester
ThomasChung image image NicuBuculei sent to admin
JefSpaleta image done NicuBuculei sent to admin
DamienDurand image done NicuBuculei approved by requester, will send by himself
XavierLamien image done NicuBuculei sent to admin
JeroenVanMeeuwen image taken NicuBuculei proposal sent to requester
File:Artwork HackergotchiService hansdegoede.jpg
taken NicuBuculei proposal uploaded
File:Artwork HackergotchiService clintsavage.jpg
taken NicuBuculei approved by requester, sent to admin
JensMaucher image] NicuBuculei Looks great, thank you ;)
Fedora Unity Project ? One idea - take the 'no hackergotchi' default image and manipulate it. More information on Fedora unity is here:, talk to Bob Jensen about this request none yet nicu requester has received a few proposals
SebastianVahl image taken NicuBuculei proposal uploaded
MarcWiriadisastra image taken NicuBuculei Done
User:Hdoria image NicuBuculei proposal
MaryEllenFoster image File:Artwork HackergotchiService MaryEllenFoster.png File:Artwork HackergotchiService MaryEllenFoster1.png NicuBuculei Wow, thanks -- I'm sorry, obviously a JPG was a bad idea. I like the second one.
DaveJones image File:Artwork HackergotchiService davej 1.png Update: File:Artwork HackergotchiService davej 2.png NicuBuculei <davej> looks great to me! thanks. <nicu> I am stupid, linked the same image twice instead of two different versions
MaxSpevack image NicuBuculei nicu: OK, here is a proposal max: nicu, you are a brilliant man. thank you!
User:Angel image NicuBuculei Thanks Nicu. It´s nice!
User:Zoglesby image NicuBuculei Looks great, thanks!
User:Laubersm image NicuBuculei Thanks nicu! It looks great.
User:Sherry151 Will appreciate your work. Image NicuBuculei proposal uplaoded
User:Ppapadeas Image NicuBuculei You are the man Nicu! Thanks!
User:Rafaelgomes Image NicuBuculei Thanks Nicu! It looks wonderful
user:lashar pic NicuBuculei Here is a proposal... not much, as the original photo is quite bad
User:Nadilson Image NicuBuculei proposal
User:biertie pic NicuBuculei thx! it's great!
User:Aks image NicuBuculei Thanks, it's great
User:Igor image NicuBuculei Thanks Nicu! It's nice!
User:Rishi [12] NicuBuculei Thanks, Nicu. I have set it as my hackergotchi.
User:nmarques [13] PierrosPapadeas A proposal based on the pic given
Henrik Heigl [14] PierrosPapadeas Pierros: I could make the mic part of the pic if you want.
Eric "Sparks" Christensen [15] or PierrosPapadeas Pierros: I made a second bigger proposal with enhanced logo.
Thomas "thomasj" Janssen [16] NicuBuculei NicuBuculei, you're a genius. Awesome!
User:robertvbolton [17] NicuBuculei Great job NicuBuculei, I really like it.
User:Thereaper [18] NicuBuculei Awesome, great work. Thanks a lot!
Mat Booth [19] NicuBuculei That's excellent, thank you very much :-)
David Deutschmann [20] Thanks
Moniruzzaman Monir [21]
John Dulaney [22] I'm the one with the blue sweater.
Ramon Almeida [23]
James Smith [24]
Randy Berry [25]
Eduardo Mayorga [26]

Hall of Fame

File:Artwork HackergotchiService thomas chung.png File:Artwork HackergotchiService jef spaleta.png File:Artwork HackergotchiService splinux.png File:Artwork HackergotchiService XavierLamien.png File:Artwork HackergotchiService jeroenm.png File:Artwork HackergotchiService hansdegoede.png File:Artwork HackergotchiService clintsavage.png File:Artwork HackergotchiService sebastianvahl.png File:Artwork HackergotchiService remicollet.png File:Artwork HackergotchiService marc2.png File:Artwork HackergotchiService behdad.png