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What is this?

Are you interested in organize a FAD or event and you don't have resources for it? Well, you are on the right wiki. Here we will show you how to make, correctly, your budget requests.

Which is the process?

To ask FAmSCo for budget is necessary to complete the following steps:

  • Have organized/structured the event or the events that are you going to do.
  • Estimate costs supported by receipts or buy orders.
  • Update your user page on the Fedora wiki to make sure you are working for the project.
  • Have a PayPal account (other options are available) to receive the money.
  • Log in with your FAS Account on FAmSCo Trac.
  • Create a new ticket.
  • In the body of the ticket, explain in details the reason of the budget request. This must include to which events the budget will supply and what impact these events would have to Fedora project. Also, detail where the budget is going to be spent and attach all receipts and buy orders.
  • Assign your region, the component "Budget" and the required amount.
  • Create the ticket and wait for some member of the FAmSCo team to value it.

If you were approved, you will receive the money depending on the decision you and main contact of the credit card decided. Else, you must rewrite your ticket to see if they reconsider sending that money.

To know details of the reimbursement go to this site.
How to organize an event?
This site contains useful information to organize an event.