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As we use the term, a colophon:

  • recognizes contributors and provides accountability, and
  • explains tools and production methods.


This content not updated until after the Beta Release occurs.
We need to finish writing and translating the notes to know who has worked on them.
Out of date content.
This content is out of date, it has not been updated since the Fedora 9 release notes.

...and many more translators. Refer to the Web-updated version of these release notes as we add translators after release:

Production Methods

Beat writers produce the release notes directly on the Fedora Project Wiki. They collaborate with other subject matter experts during the test release phase of Fedora to explain important changes and enhancements. The editorial team ensures consistency and quality of the finished beats, and ports the Wiki material to DocBook XML in a revision control repository. At this point, the team of translators produces other language versions of the release notes, and then they become available to the general public as part of Fedora. The publication team also makes them, and subsequent errata, available via the Web.