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The F13 slogan has been chosen.
The slogan for F13 is "Rock It."

Ground rules

Please read this.
Suggestions which don't follow these guidelines are far less likely to be considered.
  • The slogan should be short, 1-3 words.
  • The slogan should be an active sentence, like a command:
    • F8: Go higher
    • F9: Make waves
    • F10: Fire it up
    • F11: Reign
    • F12: Unite
  • The slogan should be positive, and reflect the idea that Fedora helps the user achieve something great.
  • The slogan should reflect one or more of the themes from the #Artwork created by the Artwork team for this release.
  • It's more important to fit the artwork theme than the four foundations shown in the #Keywords section below.

Important ideas


  • Rockets
  • Space
  • Stars



  • The four foundations
    • Features
    • Friends
    • Freedom
    • First

New slogan ideas

Slogan Submitter Notes
"Feel Free" pityian Fedora is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute.
"Ascend" Nathan Thomas Fedora takes you to new heights.
"Reach for the Stars" Stuart Gathman Andre Norton and other Sci Fi authors.
"To infinity and beyond" Tareq Al Jurf Shows the endless possibilities of fedora.
"Beyond the stars" Tareq Al Jurf Fedora abilities exceeds the boundaries.
"Perseverance" Walter Gould Anything is possible with hard work and time.
"Pioneer within." Caius Chance Emphasizes our powers to make the changes.
"Voyage infinite possibilities." Caius Chance Everything is possible with Fedora!
"Turbocharged your creativity!" Caius Chance Create anything with Fedora.
"Rock it." Robyn Bergeron allusion to / play on the word "rocket," meaning to use Fedora proudly!
"Achieve." Robyn Bergeron Reach your goals with Fedora / Fedora is full of achievements! / Brainstormed from the idea that Goddard reached for the stars, did things despite their impossibilities, and achieved greatness.
"Boldly go!" Dramsey An illusion to Star Trek and moving forward!
"Warp 13!" Dramsey Another illusion to Star Trek and moving forward!
"Empowers the champion within" Dramsey Utilization of Fedora foundation elements.
"Provides characteristic energy" Dramsey More utilization of Fedora foundation elements.
"The endless frontier " Dramsey More utilization of space.
"Near to Infinity" Zoltan Hoppar More utilization of Fedora foundation elements.
"Your dream future is our present reality." Zoltan Hoppar According to Robert H. Goddard quote, "It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow."
"Liftoff within seconds." Zoltan Hoppar According to rocketry, and we launch a new release.
"Liftoff" Zoltan Hoppar According to rocketry, and we launch a new release. More precise, shorter version
"Mission: Freedom and Beyond" Zoltan Hoppar According to Fedora foundation elements.
"Spaceship 4 F" Zoltan Hoppar According to 4F. F could be maybe our logo.
"Its On!" Aamir A Bhutto As Project releases a new version of Fedora about every 6 months
"Infinite" Henrik Heigl According to the 4F. Also the "missing" Foundation...
"Truth beyond borders" Henrik Heigl According to space where the rocket flys.
"endlesly cutting-edge" Henrik Heigl maybe a bit to "strong", but space is endless and fedora stands for cutting-edge Linux.
"future remains" Henrik Heigl according to R. Goddard's quote "Just remember - when you think all is lost, the future remains" and there is also an f in front of the quote -> 4F.
"Engage!" Pierros Papadeas Another illusion to Star Trek and moving forward! Also used in other movies and in historical footage from NASA missions.
"Ignition" Nelson Marques right before "Lift Off".
"discover(y)" Gerold Kassube if we have stars, rockets and space it is definitly that you will discover something; and if you use Fedora (Linux): you will do so; day by day.
"Launch yourself" Arthur Gouros Blast off into the new Fedora and explore the difference.
"Beam me Up!" Marcus Nitzschke Beam the fedora users up to the cutting-edge of linux features. Or, beam an old stamped computer to a new era - with Fedora!
"Install Nirvana" Léon Keijser The buddhist concept applies to the 4F and reads as a command. Total freedom when using F13.
"Exceed restrictions" Kostas Antonakoglou Exceed the limitations like a rocket does. Only that "restrictions" sounds closer to the FOSS world.
"Advance!" Kostas Antonakoglou Advancement just happens with Fedora and within Fedora.
"Explore Together" Neil Horman Fedora enables collaboration and discovery for its users.
"Explore Your Freedom" Thomas Canniot Invite user to discover an unlimited way to use their computers.
"Make it so" Tom Callaway Wisdom from a bald starship captain I once knew. (Hey, its better than "Resistance is futile.")
"Start the jump clock" Justin O'Brien In BSG they said this 33 minutes before their next FTL jump, we are jumping to a new version (and I <3 BSG)
"Dawn of Freedom" Stephan Jänecke "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."
"Believe" Dagan McGregor Shows Mankind's belief that anything is possible. Belief we could land on the moon. Belief we can reach the stars. Believe anything is possible.
"Reach Higher" M Yakub Mizan tell possibilities
"With A Mission" M Yakub Mizan explain we have a great mission behind fedora .
"Free Yourself" M Yakub Mizan goal of free software and freedom in fedora
"All Systems Go" Nalin Dahyabhai Rockets.
"Powerful you have become" Chris Cowley A blatant Yoda reference
an "Open Space Odyssey" Arthur Gouros Stanley Kubrick eat your heart out
"Up" Josephine Tannhäuser Rockets in the Sky!
"Draw Your (Lucky) Number" Rui Gouveia Elusive to Poker... I think.
"-3 -2 -1 explore it ..." Luigi
"Blue Marble" Luigi The Blue Marble was the first clear image of an illuminated face of Earth. Released during a surge in environmental activism during the 1970s, the image was seen by many as a depiction of Earth's frailty, vulnerability, and isolation amid the expanse of space.
"Ignite." Máirín Duffy rocket reference!
"Reach." Mel Chua from "reach for the stars"
"Conquer!" Ben Lambrechts
"Explore!" Ben Lambrechts
"Transcend!" Ben Lambrechts
"Be The Change!" Kevin Higgins "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." — Mahatma Gandhi
"ad astra" Andrew Powter Latin for "to the stars"
"Enter the Deep Field" Léon Keijser after the famous hubble picture
"Break Lightspeed" IvanT Allusion to performance
"Your World, Always" IvanT Allusion to ownership instead of proprietary licencing
"True Power" JP Takes you whatever you want
"Above the Cloud" Phil Stratton Implies that Fedora provides access to cloud computing capabilities and more!
"Cosmos" Michael Bishop Fedora: A Harmonious Universe
"Broaden your Limits" Luigi Pardey Freedom, key factor of Fedora, and also cutting-edge features.
"Expand your Horizons" Luigi Pardey idem.
"Reaching" saulo Reaching the stars but also reaching people.
"Soar" sdavies To rise, fly, ascend, or glide high and with little apparent effort.
"Your own star" Paul Joseph A star of your own
"Experience liftoff" Paul Joseph
"Light years ahead" Paul Joseph
"Get Lucky" Jon Detert Release 13, which is normally considered unlucky, but not so with Fedora
"Get Your Aura On" Jon Detert Boost your aura when you put on Fedora
"Ma-ma-ma-my Fedora" Jon Detert It's hot like the Knack's Sharona
"The unattainable is unknown" Julian Tosh Sort of like
"Revelations of Fedora - The Thirteenth Chapter" Julian Tosh LoLz!
"Odyssey 2013" Julian Tosh
"A Journey of Linux" Julian Tosh
"Full Throttle!" Rolf Offermanns
"Free Your World" IvanT
"Break Thru Infinity" cbussa Take 1 and 3, slide together -- broken infinity symbol. (Or a B.)
"Houston, OS has landed." User:nutmotion
"No Limits!" Giannis Konstantinidis there are no limits for fedora
"Age of a teenager, insight of a sage." George Kaklamanos The age of 13, is the age at which children become teenagers. But the knowledge and vision behind the fedora community are orders of magnitude beyond.