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FAD EMEA 2008 - Work Schedule

Overall Schedule

Please have a look onto the complete but more generic schedule, too. The detailed work schedule (below) is not shown there.

Work Schedule

This gives an overview over the business agenda items applied on the work items in the schedule. Of course, this is only a vague idea. Some topics might use more or less time and the work schedule's item could be moved around a bit as necessary.

Below, only the items' headlines are given, for more detailes, refer to the business agenda.

Every time slot corresponds to ~3h of work.

Friday Evening

  1. Welcoming and some quick words about our sponsor, Puzzle ITC (0.2h / Sandro Mathys)
  2. What do we want to focus on in addition to events? (1.0h / Henrik Heigl)
  3. Public Fedora merchandising store for Europe/NA (1.0h / Sandro Mathys)
  4. Ambassador Mentoring - We need a concept and measurability! (0.5h / Joerg Simon)
  5. Linux day Italy (0.5h / Luca Foppiano & Francesco Crippa)

Saturday Morning

  1. Fedora Logistic/former EventBox (0.5h / Joerg Simon)
  2. Planning the Fedora EMEA priorities for March 2009 - February 2010, to coincide with Red Hat's budget year. (1.5h / Max Spevack)

Saturday Afternoon

  1. What can we do (longtime Planing)? (0.5h / Max Spevack)
  2. What are the biggest problems Fedora faces in EMEA? (1.0h / Max Spevack)
  3. How are our smaller communities doing? (1.0h / Max Spevack)

Saturday Evening

  1. What do we need from Red Hat? (1.0h / Max Spevack)
  2. FAD EMEA 2009: proposal to save money (0.5h / Sandro Mathys)
  3. Fedora (EMEA) donations/sponsorship (1.0h / Sandro Mathys)

Sunday Afternoon

  1. Reserve Time
  2. Beer


The nearer the FAD the more topics come to our minds. Those last minute inputs are listed here and we'll try to squeeze them in whenever there's some time left to do so.