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This page is where we work through the FUDCon organization process for FUDCon:Santiago 2010. If you would like to help, please join the planning team.

FUDCon bid process

We are currently working through the FUDCon bid process. See /Bid process for our work in this section.

Proxima Reunion

29/04/2010 a las 22 horas ( Horario de Santiago - Chile )

Canal #fudcon-planning @ freenode

Embajadores confirmados

- Rodrigo Padula

- Antonio Salles

- Jonathan Barrios

Reunion 08/04/2010 22:00


Minutes (text):


Reunion 11/03/2010 22:00


Minutes (text):


Reunion 01/01/2010 22:00


Minutes (text):



Fixar la fecha del evento

  • DONE - Antonio Salles confirmo la fecha para 15-17 Julio con la Universidad Central

Información general de Santiago

  • Mapas de Transantiago, con rutas cercanas de como llegar a FUDCon.
  • Mapa del Metro.
  • Información sobre Transantiago (sistema de transporte de Santiago).
  • Lugares de interés.
  • Hoteles (precio, ubicación, servicios).


  • Traducir todas las informaciones de la wiki para Español

Session Ideas

  • BarCamp -- might be nice to have a barcamp-style room for several sessions on the first two days. This would need an organizer (I can do it although I don't speak Spanish (toshio)), a room where everyone gathers at the beginning of the first day to hear the pitches for session ideas, votes for sessions, and then the schedule is put together for the barcamp room/rooms. Paper, pens/pencils, tape and a wall we can tape the signs onto.


I could work on one or two of the following session ideas:

  • Using rpm, yum, and PackageKit -- this will be an overview of things you can find out about packages installed on your system using yum command line. Could also go into setting up the rpmfusion repository. yum historydb, complete-transaction, and such
  • How to package software -- Demonstration of taking software, packaging it, and getting it into Fedora
  • Managing software on Fedora Infrastructure -- How we use rpms, our own repository, and the koji buildsystem, to manage and deploy software in Fedora Infrastructure.

Hackfest ideas

Python programming related


I'm involved with all of these projects and could lead a hackfest on any one of them.

  • PackageDB -- I'll give out small-medium programming tasks for improving the packagedb (Turbogears app that manages package ownership)
  • kitchen -- This is a python library that we're working on to pull small but useful pieces of code into a simple library that you can install. Initial consumers of the library would be yum, createrepo, func, certmaster, and copr. A hackfest would revolve around pulling code in from other places, writing unittests, writing documentation, maybe writing build scripts.
  • copr and headhunter -- This is new work that skvidal and I are doing to create a new build system so that Fedora can easily let contributors manage third party repositories.

Packaging related


I could give a hackfest on this:

  • Workshop on packaging -- I'll work with people to create packages, review and approve them.