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In this section, we cover the happenings for Fedora Marketing Project for the last week.

Contributing Writer: Pascal V. Calarco

We are looking for a new writer to take up the weekly Marketing beat. If you are interested, drop a note to one of the FWN editors!

MMM. Almost as tasty as a beefy miracle... your weekly delicious Marketing Meeting Minutes are here!

Robyn Bergeron announced[1] the availability of the latest Marketing team minutes

"Greetings, Marketeers!

F15 goodness is well underway. If you're interested in picking up anything on the schedule, including doing a feature profile or want to start digging in on one page release notes, please let us know!

Notes from the meeting are below.

See you next week!


Full logs[3]"

SxSW photobooth awesomeness and its future

Clint Savage discussed[1] strategies for making the "SxSW photobooth awesomeness and its future" more universal to FAmNA events.

"As you probably know, I've been hanging around Fedora for a few years now. I helped improve the events that Fedora attends by creating the Fedora EventBox. It's been going really well, but this week, I saw a big improvement because of just a few people at SxSW. I would like to thank Mo, Emily, Spot, Jared and anyone else who helped make the booththere awesome!

. . .

But there's more we can do with this, and that's where I think the value lies. For one, it is cool that each participant get's a nice little card printed right there with a QR code so they can go retrieve it. But it would also be nice to let them share their photos on social networking sites like Facebook,, foursquare, twitter, etc. I can also see gaining contributors from this concept, in that they are now 'part' of Fedora's legacy. Maybe having them show up on the FedoraProject front page when an event is happening? I seriously think that this is stuff that everyone in Fedora would love."