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Documentation Summary:

Purpose: Links to useful documentation and how-tos on the web.

Audience: Beginners to advanced users who want a quick and concise guide to available documentation.

Assumptions: The reader has an internet connection.

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Lead Writer: SvenThorstenFahrbach

Who this document is for

This guide is for anyone who seeks complementary information on Linux that is beyond the scope of this Wiki or simply has not been addressed yet - documentation on specific applications, how-tos, administration guides not specifically related to Fedora and so on.

Free And Open Source Software

Well known papers and books freely accessible on Free software

Free Content

Wikipedia etc that follow Free software methods


Useful Sites That Host Docs and How-Tos

Site Description
The Linux Documentation Project The Linux Documentation Project is a large directory that hosts how-tos , guides , FAQs and man pages . The site is available in the following languages: Spanish , French , Italian , Korean and Brazilian Portuguese .
Linux Online A comprehensive site with guides to a large number of applications, documentation and information on Linux distributions.

Application Guides

Guides to the most important applications to get you started using Linux as a desktop operating system.


Name Description
Gnome Office
AbiWord AbiWord is a full-featured word processor originally developed by the SourceGear Corporation, and is now maintained by an open group of volunteers.
Gnumeric Gnumeric is the spreadsheet part of the Gnome Office.
Gnumeric Tutorial A quick introduction that explains the basics about working with spreadsheets and Gnumeric in particular. Documentation Project The starting point for getting information and help to any of the components of the popular office suite.
User Guides User guides to the OOo series in PDF format (covering all components).
User-FAQ Project Frequently Asked Questions to the individual components of the office suite.
OOo Writer Tutorial A beginner's tutorial to the OOo word processor.
OOo Calc Tutorial A beginner's tutorial to the OOo spreadsheet.
OOo Impress Tutorial A beginner's tutorial to the OOo presentation program.
OOo Draw Tutorial A beginner's tutorial to the OOo drawing program.
OOo Base Tutorial A beginner's tutorial to the OOo database.


Name Description
The K3b FAQ A short FAQ to the KDE burning interface.
The K3b Handbook The detailed manual to K3b.
The Grip User's Guide Manual to the Grip audio ripper.
GStreamer FAQ FAQ to the GStreamer Multimedia Framework


Name Description
The Gimp
The Gimp Documentation Overview of available documentation on the Gimp site.
User Manual The Gimp User Manual
gimp (1) The Gimp online manpage
gimprc (5) The online manpage for the Gimp configuration file (gimprc).
Script-Fu The Gimp Script-Fu documentation
The Gimp Tutorials Many tutorials for the Gimp, categorised into Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, Photo Editing, Web, and Script Authoring.
More Gimp Tutorials A large site with many more tutorials to the Gimp.
More Graphics Applications
F-Spot User Guide User Guide to the F-Spot picture viewer.
digiKam Docs Documentation for the KDE image viewer.


Name Description
Gunnar's Mozilla Help Site An extensive help site for most of the Mozilla products.
Opera Support Overview of the Opera support, featuring a beginner's guide , the Opera Knowledge Base , Tutorials , and Documentation .
Pidgin Support Docs and FAQs for the Pidgin IM client.
Evolution Manual The manual for the Evolution mail client as PDF.
X-Chat FAQ FAQ to the X-Chat IRC client.
X-Chat Documentation Detailed documentation for X-Chat.


This section deals with applications that help you develop software like IDEs or editors. For API documentation or manuals dealing with specific languages, see the Development section below.
Name Description
The Anjuta Manual Manual for the Anjuta IDE
The Glade Manual Manual for the Glade User Interface Builder
Eclipse Documentation Documentation for the powerful Eclipse IDE
Vim (Vi Improved) A powerful programmers' editor
Documentation The Vim documentation in HTML format
Cookbook The Vim Cookbook by Steve Oualline
Seven Habits of Effective Text Editing Several tips for effectively editing using Vim, written by Bram Moolenaar, the Vim developer.
The Emacs Editor
The Emacs Tour A guided tour of Emacs for beginners
Manual The Emacs Manual
FAQ The Emacs FAQ
Other Editors
jEdit Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide to jEdit - a powerful editor written in Java.
jEdit User's Guide The jEdit online documentation

Server Applications

  • Postgres/MySQL docs
  • Exim/Sendmail docs
  • Apache docs
  • ...

System Administration

  • System administration guides.


  • IDEs (or under "Application Guides")
  • Gnu Compiler Collection
  • Gnu Coding Standards
  • Perl/CPAN/Perlmonks
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Lisp
  • ...

How to Find More Information

  • Tips and tricks on how to find more information on one's own.
  • How to use the manpage system
  • How to use info docs
  • ...