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Pravin Satpute, Sundeep Anand, Jens Petersen, Parag Nemade, Mike FABIAN, Satyabrata Maitra, Pooja Yadav, Vishal Vijayraghavan, Göran Uddeborg


13:20-14:20: i18n discussions

Convened by Jens

Topics: langpacks, fonts and rendering, input methods, locales, installation and UX, modules l10n


  • Other topics
    • Liberation and Noto fonts
    • CoreOS, Silverblue, FlatPaks, langpacks, locales, variable fonts, OSK, Transtats
    • Fedora l10n??

14:20-15:10: CI Tests demo and discussion

Led by Pravin

  • Input methods, OSK, Fonts, Other i18n packages

15:40 - 16:40: OpenQA Demo + Plan

Presented by Pooja


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