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Roll Call

  • Present: Paul Frields, Christopher Aillon, Josh Boyer, Dimitris Glezos, Bill Nottingham, John Poelstra, Jon McCann, Tom "spot" Callaway, Matt Domsch, Mike McGrath, Dennis Gilmore

Last meeting


Updates/Installs presentation

  • William Jon McCann
  • Co-presenter: Christopher Aillon
    • pointed back to whiteboard link: Desktop/Whiteboards/UpdateExperience with new added "Impact" section with information from stakeholders
    • document doesn't present implementation, but records opinions garnered from current contributors and stakeholders
  • General Board consensus is that we do need to establish criteria for updates, and empower FESCo to enforce them
  • Lots of spirited discussion around various details of the proposal, with conversation that covered a lot of different issues but the Board is not ready to issue hard guidance yet
    • Unclear to what extent current pending changes (NFR, AutoQA) will impact any Fedora user's update experience, or how these changes are currently incorporated in the whiteboard
    • The whiteboard correctly identifies several problems but it's not clear that it completely lists root causes


  1. Enumerate the problems that need to be solved -- as explicitly as possible, no focus on solutions
    • Suggested method, repetitive "why" to make sure we're identifying the right root causes
    • On list, get owners for each problem from the Board side
  2. Then solicit ideas for proposed solutions

Next meeting

  • Thu Jan 07 2009 - 1700 UTC/12:00pm US Eastern (public IRC)