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Meeting Time and Place

2010-11-30 18:00 UTC on IRC in #fedora-meeting channel



  • Logistics: Create clear and easy points of contact, including a mailing list (done), irc channels( #fedora-cwg ?), trac instance(todo?)
  • Determine how best to work together and coordinate efforts with other groups within fedora dealing with similar concepts and goals, including FAMSCo, FESCo, irc-support-sig, Hall Monitors, mailing list moderators, Websites-sig (planet).
  • Assisting to write a Fedora Code of Conduct (or recommending that one is not needed)
  • Decide how to deal with different types and degree of conflict


Had a good initial meeting today of the community working group. Got a bunch of logistics out of the way (mailing lists, contacts), and started to tackle the idea of a code of conduct.

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