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Roll call

Max, Paul, Mel, Greg, Jack, Michael, Karsten


If Harish joins, a report on FAD Malaysia.
If Sankarshan joins, are there any needs in India that require attention this week?

  • ACTION ITEM (MAX): follow up during the week

Update from Max on what's important for the team, and what he's working on personally.

  • Communication, prioritization, transparency, and a team of remotees.
    • NOTE: Didn't get around to this. We'll save it for another time.
  • FUDCon Berlin preparations are getting close. Productive weekend.
  • Managerial stuff (Ian, budget, laptop for Greg, POSSE funding)
  • Fedora 11 stuff for Europe
  • Fedora Scholarship 2009 rollout.

Brian Stevens prep w/ Greg & Karsten.

  • FreeIPA
    • Intro feedback other than what was on the list?
    • CLA, and Max's discussion with Richard Fontana.
    • Integrating FreeIPA into Fedora Hosted.
  • Spacewalk
    • What do we have for tomorrow that isn't just restatement of the past?
    • Lowering the barrier for folks to work on it. Installation, etc. Spacewalk is in reasonably good shape.
    • Lots of changes to prep the postgres migration were done in a sandbox. The truth is that they aren't ready yet to start onboarding people to do the migration work. The "common ancestor schema" still need to be more solid.
    • The story of the work that was done at Georgia Tech is a perfect example of the capacity that the community actually has to do work on top of Spacewalk. Is that stuff upstream yet? Mike McCune hoping to get that done in 1-2 weeks.
  • EKG and Oloh.

Cookbook and ISV document discussion w/ Karsten.

  • Haven't seen anything new come out yet on ISV.
  • Cookbook to Beta. What does that mean?
  • ACTION ITEM (KARSTEN): Both of these things need to get done this week, and we don't want to send stuff out to people on a Friday, because they won't see it.

RHELCon w/ Greg

  • How's it going? Is there a meeting today? Should we be doing anything to help the DC folks?
  • ACTION ITEM (GREG): Find out 'sup?

CommunityOne discussion from Karsten.

  • What else is happening other than "Participate or Die"?

F11 & Marketing w/ Jack

  • F11 tour status? Last edit on May 19th.
    • Being worked on and hopefully finished today in the afternoon
  • Release announcement into translations?
    • Was approved by Docs, Docs/Sparks are responsible for submitting to Trans tream.
  • Only 4 things in May in the Fedora_press_archive, in French.
  • What is NDN doing? Is it doing anything at all?
    • Steven Moix is supposed to have coverage of this. Jack will meet with him today/tuesday and try and solidify how we measure this.
  • What happened to archiving the press that Fedora gets? Rahul on the mailing list is not enough.
    • Will spend more time updating Press Archive.
  • Still nothing on since April 29th.
  • Jack's blog and Planet had interviews with Jesse, Spot, Ajax, Lennart, Berrange.
    • More coming this week, including ext4 with Eric Sandeen, Fingerprint Auth with Bastien Nocera, Plymouth with Ray Strode and Fedora Community with J5
  • I thought Paul published an interview with Richard Hughes on his blog, but I can't find it.
  • Only in-depth feature we haven't done anything with is ext4, from what I can see. That and other stuff is in the works for this week. An update?
    • Coming this week.
  • Tuesday's marketing meeting.

POSSE w/ Mel

  • How'd the meeting w/ brand folks go?
    • ACTION ITEM (MEL): more follow-up needed, regarding POSSE week and afterwards. Kim is on this, filming will occur, she's joining our next POSSE call on Thursday.
  • What about comms/press?
    • ACTION ITEM (GREG): need a meeting w/ Kara, or whomever, this week. Greg, Kara, and Mel had a call this week, press looks good, Kara coming back with stuff on Weds.
  • Making good progress on the slide deck/presentation.
    • ACTION ITEM (GREG): broadened scope to general edu, need another revision in the next day, see notes to list on this topic.
  • VIP speakers, guests, invitation.

Q1 achievements

  • Jack & Karsten -- I need this by Wednesday.

Education update to mrc w/ Greg

  • June 11th.
  • Proposal for a book is en-route to Greg.
  • ACTION ITEM (GREG): follow-back w/ CommArch as well as TOS crew.