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Sparks #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: 00:00
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Sparks #topic Roll Call 00:01
* Sparks 00:01
* jjmcd . 00:01
* rudi is here 00:01
jjmcd Wow ... where are all the troublemakers and ne'er do wells? 00:03
Sparks jjmcd: That's just what I was thinking 00:03
jjmcd prolly missed the time change 00:04
Sparks jjmcd: Yeah, it's going to be a little annoying for a couple of weeks 00:04
Sparks Okay, let's get started as we have a lot to cover... 00:04
Sparks #topic Old Business 00:04
jjmcd Well, MITN moved to 6 on account of conditions so no conflict there 00:04
Sparks Sparks to follow up with quaid to check on courtesy note to previous contributors 00:05
Sparks ^^^ done and I'll follow up on this during the CC discussion 00:05
Sparks #topic Release Announcement 00:05
Sparks To be ready no later than November 10. 00:05
Sparks We need to get with Marketting on this and make sure that everyone is on the same page. 00:06
jjmcd who is mktg contact? 00:06
Sparks Can I get a volunteer to work with Marketting to make sure everything good? 00:06
Sparks jjmcd: I think mchua_afk 00:06
Sparks But I don't know 00:06
Sparks Anyone? 00:07
* jjmcd is concerned about zero day RN issues overlapping with reporting time of month which is normally bad 00:07
Sparks Ya 00:08
Sparks Okay, I'll put the word out on the list. 00:08
Sparks #action Follow up with mktg on the Release Announcement. 00:08
Sparks #topic Guide Status - Release Notes 00:08
Sparks jjmcd: What's the latest? 00:08
jjmcd Let me relate what went on 00:09
jjmcd it was a disaster 00:09
jjmcd Asyou know our schedule had us building the rpm a week after it was needed 00:09
jjmcd When I first tried to build it, I had a terrible time with the omfs, not sure why 00:09
jjmcd even now, there is a lot of weirdness about bits of the omfs being translated and others not 00:10
jjmcd haven't yet sorted out what is causing that -- right now there appears to be no pattern 00:10
jjmcd Once I got the omfs to work, yelp would crash 2-5 minutes after opening the rn's whether you were looking around or not 00:10
jjmcd Eventually concluded yelp has some sort of size limitation, so I replaced the tables with a link to docs.fp.o 00:11
jjmcd Also, stupid publican doesn't make the index for xml, just says "index belongs here" essentially 00:11
jjmcd and at one point, all the xml's had a note saying they were empty. Don't know where that came from or why it went away 00:12
jjmcd Anyway, eventually got the help to work, but when you go to about-fedora directly from the menu, as opposed to from help, it isn't formatted properly 00:12
jjmcd Interestingly, the publican produced xml is kind of screwed up, but help seems to deal with it. Fixing the screw ups, tho, doesn't change anything 00:13
jjmcd Anyway, as you know, we encountered pub 1.0 on koji, so we worked around it by runing publican outside of rpmbuild 00:14
jjmcd We will need to do that for zero day, too. Really not much of a problem except when you discover it an hour before you need the rpm! 00:14
jjmcd So, that;s where we are. Any questions? 00:14
Sparks So many with so little time. 00:14
jjmcd that was last night! 00:15
Sparks But the package got built in koji and we lived happily ever after... until zero day... right? 00:15
jjmcd right 00:15
jjmcd Not everything we wanted 00:15
jjmcd tables are linked to instead of there, a-f from menu screwy, and help titles partly translated 00:16
Sparks Okay, but everything is on target for the release day, correct? 00:16
jjmcd correct 00:16
Sparks Okay... moving on!  :) 00:16
jjmcd We will fiz what we can on zero day 00:16
jjmcd But we won't try the make inside rombuild until next rel 00:16
Sparks #topic Guide Status - Installation Guide 00:17
Sparks rudi: I guess you are up. Is the Installation Guide ready for prime time? 00:17
rudi Good to go 00:17
Sparks Excellent. 00:18
Sparks #topic Guide Status - Installation Quick Start Guide 00:18
Sparks jjmcd: And I'm guessing this is ready as well? 00:18
Sparks rudi: And I'm guessing this is ready as well? 00:18
* jjmcd has no idea about iqsg 00:18
rudi Yep :) 00:18
Sparks #topic Guide Status - Deployment Guide 00:19
Sparks I don't think the lead is on tonight for the Deployment Guide. 00:19
Sparks Is that up on docs.fp.o? 00:19
rudi Yeah -- it's up there 00:19
Sparks Yeah, just checked. In English... 00:20
jjmcd rudi, were you going to have the redirect pages ready for release? 00:20
rudi jjmcd -- yeah, I will 00:20
Sparks #topic Guide Status - User Guide 00:21
rudi I started that last week and ended up toasting my entire local copy of the site ;) 00:21
Sparks rudi: Yikes! 00:21
jjmcd don't you just love that 00:21
Sparks danielsmw: You here tonight? 00:21
Sparks Hmmm... Well I see it on the docs.fp.o for F12... 00:22
rudi Yeah -- I got bit because I forgot that different docs have entirely different directory structures :) 00:22
Sparks I'll take that as a good sign. 00:22
Sparks rudi: We need to remedy that. 00:22
jjmcd We need to be sure we don't do that on zikula 00:22
Sparks yes 00:22
Sparks #topic Guide Status - 00:22
jjmcd Fixing it in cvs will be a major pita 00:22
Sparks #topic Guide Status - SELinux User Guide 00:23
Sparks radsy: What say you on your SELinux guide(s)? 00:23
rudi jjmcd -- yeah; I am *not* going to volunteer for that job :) 00:23
radsy Sparks, services guide didn't get an update for f12 00:23
Sparks radsy: Did it need an update? 00:23
radsy no, it's all still accurate/recent 00:24
Sparks I'm good with that. 00:24
Sparks rudi: Can you make sure that the F12 docs include radsy's guides on SELinux? 00:24
radsy i've been doing the wireless guide, and might be branching into desktop documentation, so i'm likely to be in and out a bit. 00:24
Sparks radsy: No problem. Just let us know where we can help! 00:24
Sparks #topic Guide Status - Security Guide 00:25
rudi Sparks -- will do 00:25
Sparks Very little changed from F11 to F12 in this guide. I have started working on improvements for F13, though. 00:25
Sparks rudi: Thank you 00:25
Sparks #topic Guide Status - Virtualization Guide 00:25
Sparks Tsagadai: You here tonight? 00:26
Tsagadai sure am 00:26
Sparks Tsagadai: Got an update on your Virtualization Guide? 00:26
Tsagadai I've been preoccupied with the RHEV release :) 00:26
Tsagadai but, there are a lot of updates coming very shortly (hopefully this week) 00:27
Sparks Tsagadai: But it's ready for F12, correct? 00:27
Tsagadai ready in a sense 00:27
Sparks Well okay then!  :) 00:27
Sparks Tsagadai: Thanks for the update. Let us know if any assistance is needed. 00:28
Sparks #topic Guide Status - Fedora Live Images 00:28
Sparks I see this is on the website... 00:28
Sparks rudi: Is this yours? 00:28
rudi Not officially, no 00:29
rudi But since no-one else was tending it, I've been looking after it :) 00:29
Sparks rudi: Are any of them officially yours?  :) 00:29
rudi lolz IG and IQSG :) 00:29
Sparks rudi: Ya... Another one of those that is on my rescue list. Thanks for picking it up. 00:29
Sparks rudi: So it's out there for F12 so that's good 00:30
rudi And yes, it's ready to go :) 00:30
Sparks Excellent! 00:30
Sparks #topic Guide Status - Making Fedora Discs 00:30
Sparks rudi: And this one is also ready to go! 00:30
rudi Yeah 00:30
Sparks Excellent. 00:30
Sparks #topic Guide Status - Accessibility Guide 00:30
Sparks And this is one that I picked up... 00:31
Sparks It needs work. It was very well written years ago but some of the information is dated and there are new solutions available now. 00:31
Sparks So I've been working on a reorganization with the help of rudi fact checking the existing information. 00:31
Sparks I don't think it will be ready before F12 but it will be available somewhere between F12 and F13 for sure. 00:32
Sparks #topic Guide Status - Overall Picture 00:32
Sparks I just want to take a second and say thank you to everyone that contributed to the many guides we have. 00:33
Sparks Without the Accessibility Guide, we will have nine guides going to "press" for F12! 00:33
Sparks That is outstanding! 00:33
jjmcd We should have a Docs press release alongside the F12 press release 00:33
Sparks We should! 00:34
quaid +1 00:34
Sparks I'll have to go back in my notes but I think we shipped maybe five guides last release. 00:34
jjmcd hey! there is life in kalifornia 00:34
* quaid blames tardiness on daylight savings 00:34
* ianweller is here 00:34
Sparks #topic New Guides 00:34
Sparks radsy: You want to talk about your new projects? 00:35
rudi radsy is AFK 00:36
Sparks Okay 00:36
Sparks Well, I'll let him tell the tale. 00:36
Sparks Anything else guide-related? 00:37
Sparks #topic Status on CMS (Zikula) 00:38
Sparks #link Zikula#Module_status 00:38
Sparks I think danielsmw finished packaging one of the editors. 00:39
Sparks Does anyone else have any other items on this? 00:39
Sparks Okay, moving on! 00:40
Sparks #topic Status on CC license rollout. 00:40
Sparks #link License_changeover_schedule 00:40
Sparks So I think we are ready to officially announce the change to CC-BY-SA! 00:41
Sparks ianweller: You gonna do the announcement? 00:42
ianweller suuuuuuure 00:42
ianweller Sparks: everything's done? 00:43
Sparks ianweller: AFAIK 00:43
radsy back 00:43
Sparks quaid: Any other obsticles that you know of? 00:43
ianweller front 00:43
quaid nope 00:43
jjmcd right 00:43
quaid all clear! 00:43
Sparks Guides have been regenerated... wiki has been changed 00:44
jjmcd Guides now all in rpm as well? 00:44
Sparks I think spot has given us the go ahead. 00:44
* quaid . o O { The final pieces of The Master Plan are coming together! } 00:44
ianweller i'll make the announcement after the meeting then 00:44
ianweller lemee go double check where it is 00:44
quaid oops, did I think that outloud? 00:44
Sparks jjmcd: The only guides in RPM are f-r-n and the Security Guide and I did the Security Guide the other day 00:44
ianweller User:Ianweller/Creative_Commons_press_release ? 00:44
ianweller anybody have any qualms about what we're sending out 00:45
Sparks #link User:Ianweller/Creative_Commons_press_release 00:45
jjmcd oh my gosh! You're going to send out THAT? 00:45
Sparks jjmcd: Yeah, except we are going to put your name on it. 00:46
jjmcd oh, ok 00:46
Sparks ianweller: Do we (you) need to talk with the CC folks directly about this so they can do something if they wish? 00:46
ianweller lovin the we (you) 00:46
ianweller Sparks: i'll ping mlinksvayer 00:47
Sparks ianweller: You are my resident CC guy 00:47
Sparks ianweller: Cool 00:47
* Sparks is excited! 00:47
ianweller and he *just* quit IRC 00:47
ianweller lulz 00:47
quaid did that go through 00:47
quaid the *new" press release mojo of f-marketing-l? 00:47
* quaid mixes his ASCII markup 00:47
ianweller quaid: yeah mchua_afk looked at it 00:48
Sparks So I'll mark 8 complete 00:48
ianweller snazzed it up 00:48
ianweller oh 00:49
Sparks So is everyone a go for the license change? Any issues we haven't thought of? 00:49
ianweller also note that mlinksva offered to provide a quote for the press release (i just reread the email he sent me a few months back) 00:50
ianweller if we wanna do that? 00:50
jjmcd I only changed the omf's for those languages we are shipping 00:50
quaid +1 00:50
Sparks ianweller: Sure if you want. 00:50
ianweller we'll do that, and then push the PR through all the relevant tubez 00:50
jjmcd There may be other omf footprints hidden in f-r-n, about-fedora and others 00:50
jjmcd errr OPL footprints 00:51
Sparks jjmcd: Okay. I'm sure we'll need to shake out a few here and there. 00:51
jjmcd yeah 00:51
jjmcd I was surprised to find that there last night 00:51
quaid yeah, it's not going to kill us 00:52
quaid if we have to take some bug reports and fix some packages after release 00:52
quaid the intention is clear and our there, that counts a lot 00:52
jjmcd You only find it if you go rummaging around in /usr/share/gnome as far as I can tell 00:52
Sparks Okay, anything else on this topic? 00:53
Sparks #action ianweller to get a quote from mlinksva (CC) to include in the press release 00:53
Sparks #action ianweller to ship the press release to all the necessary tubez 00:54
Sparks ianweller: When do you think this will occur? 00:54
ianweller "soon" 00:54
ianweller announcement tonight, maybe a quote back from mlinksva by tomorrow 00:54
Sparks Before the end of the year? 00:54
ianweller who knows 00:54
ianweller then i'll ask mel about pushing through tubez 00:54
Sparks Okay.  :) 00:54
Sparks Does RH handle that? 00:54
ianweller hehe hopefully before january ;) 00:54
ianweller i dunno. 00:54
quaid yeah, we can ask for an RHT hand-off 00:55
ianweller i really have no clue, and i'm hoping mchua_afk does ;) 00:55
quaid there is the business wire stuff 00:55
quaid and the 00:55
ianweller and/or coordinate it 00:55
Sparks cool. 00:55
quaid yeah, she does; there is likely an SOP on it somewhere 00:55
Sparks #action ianweller to coordinate with mchua_afk on the press release 00:55
Sparks Okay, anything else? 00:55
Sparks #topic New Guides 00:56
Sparks Going back to this topic because I'm excited by some of radsy's work 00:56
Sparks radsy: Tell us about your new projects 00:57
Sparks please 00:57
radsy ok 00:57
radsy I've been silently working on a wireless guide: 00:57
radsy mainly a high-level overview of 802.11 stuff, but other mobile tech (ev-do, hsdpa etc.) will end up in there 00:57
radsy started as a side project really but has gained a bit of attention here, which could lead me to doing desktop/network docs, especially emerging desktop tech 00:58
radsy but we're still in talks to find out priorities/agendas, etc. 00:58
radsy that's all 00:58
Sparks I've read the WG and it's cool. 00:59
Sparks radsy: Is the guide hosted on fhosted.o? 00:59
radsy Sparks, not as yet 00:59
Sparks radsy: Okay. Do you need a BZ component for handling tickets? 00:59
radsy once i'm a bit happier with it, yes I will 01:00
Sparks radsy: Okay, just let me know and we'll get you setup. 01:00
radsy no rush straight away however 01:00
radsy ok 01:00
Sparks Anyone have any questions? 01:00
Sparks Okay, thanks radsy! 01:01
Sparks #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets 01:01
Sparks #link 01:01
Sparks There are currently 9 new bugs that have not been assigned. 01:01
Sparks Please visit the link above and see if you can handle one (or more) of these tickets, please. 01:02
Sparks #topic All other business 01:02
Sparks Okay, does anyone have anything else? 01:03
Sparks Anyone? 01:03
Sparks Anything? 01:03
Sparks Okay, then we'll go ahead and close down tonight. 01:04
Sparks Thanks everyone for coming! 01:04
Sparks Keep up the excellent work! 01:04
Sparks #endmeeting 01:05