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* spevack gets ready for the marketing meeting 21:58
* spevack stretches 21:58
* spevack does jumping jacks 21:58
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ianweller are we in here or in -meeting 21:59
spevack jack said here in his email. 21:59
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... nick!Evil_Sonar_Chick -> Sonar_Gal 22:00
mizmo yo im here 22:00
* spevack thinks there might be another group that already had -meeting at this time 22:00
spevack Jack's finishing up an appointment, and will be a few minutes late, so I'm going to pretend to be Jack for this meeting. 22:00
spevack welcome all. 22:00
spevack gather 'round the marketing tree 22:00
spevack who's here? 22:01
* ianweller has to leave, will be back in half an hour, sorry :( 22:01
spevack other than ianweller and mizmo 22:01
spevack heh 22:01
moixs me 22:01
spevack ianweller: we'll catch you at :30 then 22:01
spevack hi moixs 22:01
ianweller right-o 22:01
spevack anyone else? we had such a good turnout last week 22:01
spevack stickster: ping 22:02
stickster pong 22:02
stickster I'm here 22:02
spevack alrighty, well let us get down to some form of business 22:03
stickster Sorry, got pinged by someone just as I was about to step into this meeting :-) 22:03
spevack let's all take a look at our marketing schedule page 22:03
spevack and run down it. 22:03
spevack Marketing_F11_schedule 22:03
spevack first, let's discuss the general format 22:03
spevack moixs, i took the liberty of updating the dates and "time buckets" for the current release and also on the template 22:04
spevack moixs: did what i did make sense, and do you agree with it? 22:04
moixs spevack: no problem, it's clearer now. Did you update the template? 22:04
spevack moixs: i did 22:04
moixs fine 22:04
spevack ok 22:04
spevack my other deliverable that I promised jack for this week is here 22:04
spevack F11_in-depth_features 22:05
spevack the purpose of this page was to enumerate the particular features that we wanted to delve into greater depth than just the talking points on. 22:05
spevack stickster and i did a bit of brainstorming, and i listed them on this page, along with some suggestions of what people might do with them. 22:05
spevack any comments? 22:05
spevack either on the features listed, or on the "template" which I want to rename to something better... 22:06
spevack but since i suck at marketing, i can't think of a good name :) 22:06
* spevack assumes everyone is reading and thinking :) 22:06
* stickster thinks 22:06
spevack i wonder if 6 features is too many. 22:07
spevack stickster: a question for you 22:07
spevack do we want to order these, or do we want to say "these are the ones we care about" and the ones that people are excited to own are the ones that get done? /me leans towards the latter option. 22:07
stickster It's not necessarily too many... we get interviews from journos from a variety of perspectives. Some care a lot about virt, others about the desktop. 22:08
spevack mizmo: you're a creative person. Can you think of any interesting things people can do to publicize these features, better than my list? 22:08
* spevack thinks about google's chrome comic book 22:08
stickster I think your latter option is good. Any that remain undone that I think are important, I will pick up. 22:08
stickster Or at least try to do so. 22:09
mizmo hmm 22:09
spevack stickster: bold words! :) 22:09
mizmo try to get podcast interviews 22:09
stickster bold, followed by semi-bold 22:09
spevack mizmo: good idea. /me adds 22:09
* mizmo thinks more 22:09
mizmo one thing that might be cool is to make baseball cards for the features 22:10
spevack stickster: jack really wanted to do moksha. are we ready to publicize that? there was significant trepidation when that topic came up at FOSDEM 22:10
stickster We're working off spot and lmacken's schedule. 22:10
spevack mizmo: collect 'em all! 22:10
mizmo like a baseball card style graphic people could copy/paste into their blogs to show theyre excited about a feature 22:10
stickster I'd rather be in charge of that one, frankly. 22:10
spevack stickster: ok. 22:10
stickster I've already started talking to Spot and Luke about it, a couple months ago. 22:11
spevack stickster: ok. /me updates page accordingly 22:11
spevack mizmo: i like the baseball card idea... that whole meme of putting little badges on blogs for various things seems to be catching on 22:11
* stickster has one 22:12
spevack shoot 22:12
... join!#fedora-mktg -> moixs__( 22:13
mizmo depending on the feature you could have a contest for most creative usage of it 22:13
moixs__ Sorry, modem crashed 22:13
EvilBob Sorry I was medicating 22:13
spevack moixs: no worries. 22:14
spevack just to bring our new attendees up to speed 22:14
spevack we're looking at 22:14
spevack F11_in-depth_features 22:14
spevack and collecting comments on either the "template" section or the feature list, and potential volunteers for the feature list 22:14
moixs__ I have a question about this what way does moksha concern/interest the end users? 22:15
mizmo because fedora community is an f11 feature... 22:15
spevack moixs__: i think it's fair to say that moksha is more developer/contributor focused. but stickster believes (and i agree with him) that it is special and important enough to merit an in-depth look. 22:15
stickster Truly revolutionary. 22:16
moixs__ okay 22:16
spevack mizmo: i think moixs__ is making a point that previously we had stated that a specific goal of these in-depth feature discussions would be to focus on the ones with the widest end-user applicability 22:16
spevack but we are making an exception w/ moksha 22:16
spevack because of its specialness 22:16
mizmo oh ok 22:16
stickster Correct 22:16
spevack the others all fit into that category, IMHO, of end-user reach 22:16
spevack any other thoughts? 22:16
mizmo i dont see end user and contrbutor as being so separate 22:17
stickster I think end-user is a flexible term that doesn't necessarily == "desktop user" 22:17
spevack ok, we'll continue th ediscussion here until :20 22:18
spevack then i'll summarize action items and next steps 22:18
spevack and we'll move on 22:19
spevack any final thoughts? 22:19
spevack ok 22:19
stickster None here 22:19
spevack So, one potential action item, if mizmo wants it, is to pursue the baseball card idea. 22:19
spevack The action item for me is to take this list of features back to the marketing-list and try to get volunteers 22:20
* stickster just signed up for another 22:20
spevack i'm worried that people won't step up 22:21
spevack but we'll see 22:21
spevack i'm wondering if there is something inherently community-unfriendly or scary about the way i've approached this project so far. 22:21
spevack any thoughts? 22:21
moixs__ No, we love you 22:21
moixs__ :D 22:21
spevack everyone does 22:22
spevack anyway, i'll beat the bushes on f-mktg-list, and we'll see what happens. 22:22
* mizmo unfortunately cant take any action items on 22:22
stickster I think it's all good -- 1. work on the wiki where everyone can see you. 2. lay out a plan. 3. ask for people to take specific actions. 22:22
spevack mizmo: what do you want me to do with the baseball card idea? write it down, or just let it float in the ether? 22:22
mizmo spevack, can you write it down? 22:22
spevack sure thing 22:22
mizmo might be useful at some future point 22:22
stickster mizmo: Is this yet something where we could approach Art+Design? Or do we need to flesh it out further? 22:23
... signoff!#fedora-mktg -> moixs(Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) 22:23
* stickster has noticed people show up there regularly looking to help, maybe doing one card is a bite-sized project for someone to try 22:23
* spevack warns that he's going to be bringing 3 or 4 design requests to that team regarding fudcon berlin soonish 22:23
stickster And having different styles per card is actually a *plus* 22:23
EvilBob spevack: you are looking for someone to take on these interviews? is that it? 22:23
spevack i don't know what the bandwidth looks like right now 22:23
spevack EvilBob: people who are willing to commit to one of those features, and do some or all of the things on the suggestion list 22:24
spevack EvilBob: or come up with their own stuff to add to the suggestion list :) 22:24
mizmo stickster, yeh i think it'd be good to add it to the designqueue 22:24
spevack EvilBob: is there one that catches your eye? 22:24
spevack mizmo: is that a ticket system these days, or just mail to art-list? 22:25
* spevack doesn't want to commit a faux-pas w/ his fudcon requests 22:25
EvilBob spevack: I am not commiting to anything right now but will try to fill in if needed 22:25
mizmo spevack, theres a wiki page... - then you email the list that you added a task 22:26
spevack mizmo: thanks 22:26
spevack mizmo: sorry i'm so behind on knowing process, etc. 22:26
EvilBob spevack: I have a full plate at home and just had surgery this morning 22:26
* stickster notes this is how he got Fedora 5th birthday and Fedora Remix designs 22:26
spevack EvilBob: oh crap, are you ok? 22:27
EvilBob spevack: yup 22:27
spevack ok... so i think we're done with this feature topic. 22:27
spevack EvilBob: well, i wish you a speedy recovery! 22:27
EvilBob thanks 22:27
moixs__ I'd like to talk about one page that wasn't touched during the recent wiki cleanup: UserTestimonials As I wrote on the mailinglist, it seems too much effort for too little. Can we archive this thing? Should we focus on companies instead of end users? I just don't feel that people come to this page and suddenly wake up and think "Dang, this Fedora thing...I need... 22:27
moixs__ ...that!" :p 22:27
spevack moixs__: the floor is yours 22:27
... signoff!#fedora-mktg -> Sonar_Gal("Leaving") 22:28
* spevack votes to archive it 22:28
spevack decision made?  :) 22:29
moixs__ If nobody votes against it, yes i n30 seconds :p 22:29
mizmo spevack, no biggie art team can be a bit complex sometimes 22:29
mizmo i think its cool to have end users 22:29
mizmo people to show they are proud to have fedora in their life 22:29
mizmo fedora isnt so corporate 22:30
* spevack reconsiders 22:30
spevack moixs__: maybe there's no harm in just leaving the page there. Perhaps we should find someone who wants to revitalize it a bit 22:30
moixs__ mizmo: the idea is good, but manpower-wise, it's not sustainable right now IMO. 22:30
spevack and if that fails, we can archive it :) 22:30
moixs__ ok 22:30
... join!#fedora-mktg -> TitaX(n=titax@fedora/TitaX) 22:31
spevack moixs__: i wrote a post to fedora-list a few years ago asking for specific stories around a specific use case, and I must have gotten 50 emails. 22:31
spevack moixs__: so let's leave the page alone, and we'll add it to the list of things we want to have as active topics 22:31
moixs__ mizmo: a cool thing would be to make userbars for forums too, is mine 22:31
moixs__ spevack: ok, can you add it? 22:31
spevack moixs__: yep 22:31
* spevack makes a note 22:31
moixs__ mizmo: the current ones are F8 designs and a bit outdated 22:31
spevack mizmo: thanks for turning me around on that. i'm too quick to say "this page is old, let's kill it" 22:32
mizmo moixs__, we have forum user bars in the wiki... 22:32
* spevack looks at the schedule 22:32
mizmo Artwork/MarketingCollateral#Userbars_.28350x19.29_for_web_forums_signature 22:33
spevack next two are Jack's, but he's still at his Doctor... so i'll follow up with him 1:1 and have him get back to the list w/ updates. 22:33
EvilBob "I'm Fedora and I'm 4 years old" <-- been trying to get my little guy to say it 22:33
moixs__ mizmo: yes, but read my sentence again :p 22:33
spevack ianweller had some topics to discuss, but i don't think he's back online yet. So we'll save the picture book for his return, which should be imminent. 22:33
spevack so let's have a few minutes of open floor. 22:33
moixs__ mizmo: it's only a suggestion :) 22:34
spevack Anyone have any business to bring up? 22:34
mizmo moixs__, im lost 22:34
moixs__ mizmo: the current ones are F8 designs and a bit outdated 22:34
mizmo moixs__, oh i didnt see that 22:34
* ianweller is here 22:34
mizmo moixs__, sorry i am too overloaded at the moment missing stupid things 22:34
ianweller i'll be back in about a minute actually 22:34
ianweller sorry :) 22:35
mizmo moixs__, i didnt even notice they were very f8ish its pretty subtle 22:35
mizmo moixs__, you should upload your design there 22:35
mizmo its more general 22:35
* stickster goes back to look at schedule again 22:35
moixs__ mizmo: it's not mine, someone made them but I don't know who of the French ambassadors. I'll try to find him :) 22:35
ianweller ok hi! 22:36
spevack stickster: anything you want to discuss before we hand the floor to ianweller 22:36
stickster Let ianweller take it away 22:36
* spevack defers 22:36
* ianweller catches 22:36
ianweller woo pictuer book 22:36
ianweller picture* 22:36
spevack do we have an official cheer for the picture book? 22:37
ianweller not yet 22:37
spevack is michael beckwith here? 22:37
ianweller i'll assign that to you, spevack 22:37
ianweller tw2113 can't make it, he's working 22:37
spevack did he get the banner made? 22:38
ianweller Submitting_images_for_the_picture_book <-- we're going to open this up soon. 22:38
spevack that was on his list from lsat week? 22:38
mizmo moixs__, that would be great :) 22:38
ianweller spevack: i'm getting to it! hold on! :P 22:38
ianweller here's the finished banner. 22:38
spevack eggcellent 22:38
spevack ianweller: carry on :) 22:38
mizmo hey people! hey, look! you know you want a picture book! 22:38
mizmo F E D O R A... picture..... BOOK! 22:39
ianweller spevack: WOOO 22:39
* ianweller chest bumps spevack 22:39
ianweller ok. 22:39
spevack when i say picture, you say book! 22:39
mizmo picture! 22:39
ianweller lol 22:39
ianweller book! 22:39
spevack book! 22:39
mizmo picture! 22:39
spevack book! 22:39
ianweller ok serious time now 22:39
mizmo w000 22:39
* spevack kickbans himself 22:39
ianweller lol 22:39
* stickster wishes gregdek were here 22:39
ianweller um. 22:39
ianweller stickster: hehehehe 22:39
ianweller ok 22:39
stickster They grow up so fast.... *snif* 22:40
spevack gdk: Senior Fedora Cheerleader 22:40
ianweller Submitting_images_for_the_picture_book <-- the important thing that i'd like people to look at. 22:40
mizmo he's the captain of the fedora cheerleading squad! 22:40
ianweller does anything look wrong with that? 22:40
* spevack looks 22:40
ianweller nicubunu brought up some stuff on the list but i think it was resolved 22:40
* spevack has a comment 22:41
... signoff!#fedora-mktg -> chitlesh_(Remote closed the connection) 22:41
... mode!#fedora-mktg -> (+o EvilBob) by ChanServ 22:41
ianweller shoot 22:41
@EvilBob stickster: did you need me to kick someone 22:41
ianweller EvilBob: we were joking sir ^_^ 22:41
spevack ianweller: i always look at these sorts of things from the perspective of an idiot, which is a role i fill supremely well 22:41
ianweller spevack: sweet! 22:41
spevack I have a lot of fedora-related pictures 22:41
spevack but I don't know what their dpi or any other stuff is 22:42
spevack someone like me wants to say "here are a bunch of cool pictures" 22:42
... join!#fedora-mktg -> mthompson(n=Michelle@nat/redhat/x-52a5a985ef0e8ff1) 22:42
spevack "can someone who knows something look at them and tell me if they are useful or not?" 22:42
spevack "let me just dump them somewhere" 22:42
ianweller i think the Picture Book Official Response(tm) on that is upload them to the wiki anyway and if they're problematic, we'll note that and remove them from the category 22:43
spevack i feel like if we can explain in a few steps how a doofus like me can make a bunch of legitimate, CLA-approved and release signed content available, then someone else can actually decide if they suck or not 22:43
ianweller now i'm not sure of the best way to put that on that wiki page. so if someone could do that then that'd be great :) 22:43
spevack we'll get a lot more submissions, maybe 22:43
ianweller hmm 22:43
spevack maybe it's even unofficial. 22:43
ianweller should we just shoot the quality requirement? i mean we could use smaller photos if necessary 22:43
spevack "do you have a bunch of flickr pictures of fedora?" 22:43
spevack send the url to us and we'll look through them 22:44
spevack if there's ones we love, we'll tell you and ask you to sign the release 22:44
* spevack poses questions, but doesn't have many answers on this topic 22:44
spevack PICTURE! 22:44
mizmo that sounds easier for the contributor spevack 22:44
ianweller yeah. 22:44
spevack PICTURE! 22:45
mizmo maybe pose it two ways 22:45
ianweller BOOK! 22:45
spevack thank you 22:45
mizmo (1) got a directory/flickr album of pix for us to look at? send it our way. 22:45
mizmo (2) attending a fedora event somewhere in the world and want to help out? print out these forms, and read this info first. 22:45
mizmo path (1) means they might have to dig for forms 22:45
mizmo and we may have some disappointments ("oh i can't get in touch with that person") but we still might get some gems 22:46
ianweller sounds good 22:46
ianweller ok. so i'll fix that up soonish, or if someone else wants to do that that would be even better 22:47
ianweller once we get that then i'll ask the list if we're ready to open submissions up 22:47
stickster Do we want to have that ready by a certain date? 22:48
spevack ianweller: i think you're the man to do it. it's pretty simple. 22:48
ianweller ok 22:48
ianweller it's just a matter of me finding time to sit down and do it :/ 22:48
ianweller but we all have those problems. so. 22:48
... join!#fedora-mktg -> No5251( 22:49
spevack ianweller: you want me to take it? 22:49
ianweller spevack: if you have time 22:49
* spevack will find the time. 22:49
ianweller you're an amazing person :) 22:49
... signoff!#fedora-mktg -> cjg(Remote closed the connection) 22:49
spevack ianweller, stickster: i like dates. give me a date 22:49
ianweller spevack: friday 22:49
spevack ianweller: not to update the page... stickster was suggesting a deadline of some sort 22:50
spevack for osmething 22:50
ianweller oh. 22:50
ianweller :P 22:50
ianweller ummmmm 22:50
ianweller stickster: deadline for what specifically? :) 22:50
stickster Actually, it was for having the page done so we could move on 22:50
moixs__ mizmo: I found the guy who made the userbars, told him to contact you (it's markand) 22:50
spevack stickster: as FPL, you need to select an arbitrary deadline for something 22:50
spevack go 22:50
spevack PICTURE! 22:50
ianweller BOOK! 22:51
stickster BOOK! 22:51
spevack anything else, ian? 22:51
ianweller for right now, no 22:51
stickster Friday sounds good. 22:51
ianweller other than look for photos to upload!!!1111one 22:51
... mode!#fedora-mktg -> (-o EvilBob) by EvilBob 22:51
ianweller spevack: friday :) 22:51
stickster 72 hours to write a little bit of wiki. 22:51
* spevack can handle that 22:51
ianweller that's your ultimatim 22:51
spevack ianweller: when do we have to pay someone money regarding this project? 22:51
spevack is that imminent? 22:51
ianweller that's the other thing i wanted to discuss which i forgot till now 22:51
ianweller quick answer: not imminent. 22:51
ianweller long answer: i do need somebody who's gonna play RH liason on this (/me eyes spevack) to get in touch with LSI and see what we need to do to publish the book. 22:52
ianweller i had heard from doug berry in his many mailing list posts (which would explain why i can't find it right now) that we would have to commit to publishing more than one book through LSI 22:52
ianweller fyi LSI -> 22:53
ianweller and then see if there's any docs that are new than what i have 22:53
ianweller (which are here 22:54
spevack ianweller: I hear you. 22:54
spevack ianweller: i hear everything you are saying. 22:54
... signoff!#fedora-mktg -> inode0("Leaving.") 22:54
mizmo moixs__, thanks! 22:54
ianweller well that would mean IRC is working properly! woo ;) 22:54
ianweller most importantly if they have new pricing/information on anything relating to color interiors more recent than Sep 15 2008 then we need to look at it 22:54
* spevack erases everything he just wrote 22:55
ianweller the current price sheet for color pages is 22:55
* mizmo must run 22:55
... nick!mizmo -> mizmo-out 22:55
spevack mizmo-out: thanks for your time. 22:55
ianweller mizmo-out: thanks :) 22:55
spevack ianweller: let me write some comments 22:55
spevack gimme a minute to get it all typed 22:55
ianweller ok 22:55
spevack PICTURE! 22:56
ianweller BOOK! 22:56
... mode!#fedora-mktg -> (+o EvilBob) by ChanServ 22:56
ianweller hmmm apparently google does not want me to check my email. >:( 22:56
@EvilBob ;^) 22:56
spevack ummm... knowing full well the requirements that already exist on my time, I feel like I'd be promising something that I cannot deliver, and therefore slow the whole process down if i commit to too much. 22:56
... mode!#fedora-mktg -> (-o EvilBob) by EvilBob 22:56
ianweller what do you have picture-book-related on your plate right now? 22:57
spevack I see my role in this project being "QA/sanity checking" and "paying the bill at the end". I don't know that I'm the right person to have some conversation with LSI. I just want someone I trust to figure it all out 22:57
spevack and then tell me who to pay 22:57
ianweller oic 22:57
ianweller well i could talk with them, i'm not sure if it needs to be RH 22:57
stickster spevack: Not to mention, that it's always a goal to grow community ownership of the process 22:57
spevack stickster: yes, of course. 22:57
* stickster good at stating the obvious. 22:57
spevack ianweller: i'll join you on a phone call 22:57
ianweller spevack: if we're ever awake at the asme time again ;) 22:58
spevack ianweller: it's only 5 hrs right now 22:58
ianweller same& 22:58
ianweller same* 22:58
ianweller whirr /me hits something 22:58
ianweller spevack: ok. 22:58
ianweller ok task list generation time 22:58
* spevack nods approvingly 22:58
ianweller 1) update submission process page with more love --> spevack, due friday, correct? 22:58
spevack yep 22:59
ianweller 2) talk to ricky about getting that banner in the rotation --> i can take that unless somebody else wants to 22:59
ianweller i think i know how, i just need to double check thati t's ok with him. 22:59
spevack you got it 22:59
ianweller \o/ 22:59
spevack what is that symbol supposed to mean? 22:59
ianweller and i'll create an account with LSI then i guess, and see where it goes from there. 22:59
ianweller spevack: a guy with his arms in the air 22:59
spevack of course 23:00
ianweller that seem like all we need to do? 23:00
ianweller basically the goal for next week is to have picture submissions open 23:00
... signoff!#fedora-mktg -> nman64(Remote closed the connection) 23:00
... signoff!#fedora-mktg -> sdziallas("Ex-Chat") 23:00
* ianweller steals the gavel and hits the desk with it 23:01
ianweller alright i'm done. :) 23:01
spevack alright, and I think we're done with this meeting 23:01
* spevack lagged there for a bit 23:02
spevack stupid computers 23:02
spevack anyone else have anything? 23:02
moixs__ A very quick note 23:02
* spevack notices that #fedora-meeting is unused right now 23:02
spevack maybe we should go in there next week 23:02
spevack moixs__: go ahead 23:02
moixs__ From the end of the month, and for 2 weeks we have to take a company and think about its marketing as a class at school 23:03
spevack orly? 23:03
moixs__ I lured the whole class to work on Fedora 23:03
spevack Ha! 23:03
spevack AWESOME 23:03
moixs__ so we'll see if something useful comes out of it :) 23:03
spevack moixs__: i wonder if i could talk to your class when I'm in switzerland... 23:03
moixs__ the end :p 23:03
* ianweller applauds 23:04
moixs__ spevack: it starts one week after you come, sadly. 23:04
... signoff!#fedora-mktg -> mthompson("l8r") 23:04
spevack so, is there anything that we can do to help make this endeavor successful? 23:04
moixs__ spevack: I'll do the whole Fedora presentation, I already have MrTom's presentations. 23:04
* stickster just added us to Meeting channel 23:05
ianweller stickster: i was just about to do that 23:05
stickster ianweller: Now you have that much time for other wiki work ;-) 23:05
moixs__ I'm done :) 23:05
ianweller stickster: you should remove us from thursday 19:00 while you're at it (: 23:06
stickster Doing it now 23:06
ianweller alright let's call it good 23:07
spevack ok 23:08
spevack moixs__: check out Community_Architecture_presentations 23:08
moixs__ Good night to all the europeans :) 23:08
spevack ok, meeting adjourned! 23:08