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Heterogeneous Computing Special Interest Group


To encourage the packaging and accessibility of heterogeneous computing projects in Fedora and EPEL. This includes machine learning, OpenCL, and scientific computing.


Please add your name above if you want to help.


  • Package and make HC related projects more accessible to users (such as OpenCL, AMD's ROCm HIP, Intel oneAPI, SYCL, Vulkan, OpenGL, etc.)
  • Document installation, packages, and general use cases
  • Translation of wiki pages and documentation (if applicable)


Package status

Below is a list of ROCm packages with their status. If something isn't packaged in Fedora or EPEL, feel free to take it!

This reference might be helpful for those attempting to package:

Name Fedora Package EPEL? Upstream package name Upstream URL Notes
roct-thunk-interface Package-x-generic-16.pnghsakmt Yes hsakmt-roct
rocr-runtime Package-x-generic-16.pngrocm-runtime Yes hsa-rocr
rocminfo Package-x-generic-16.pngrocminfo Yes rocminfo
rocm-compilersupport Package-x-generic-16.pngrocm-compilersupport Yes comgr
rocm-device-libs Package-x-generic-16.pngrocm-device-libs Yes rocm-device-libs
opencl-icd-loader rocm-ocl-icd Fedora already has Package-x-generic-16.pngocl-icd, but the khronos version is required for GL-CL interop support
rocm-opencl-runtime In Testing (F36/EL8/EL9) rocm-opencl F36:
rocm_smi_lib See notes rocm-smi-lib The deprecated Package-x-generic-16.pngrocm-smi should be replaced by this
hip hip-[runtime,devel,docs,samples] Upstream doesn't cleanly separate the cmake logic with hipamd, we should send upstream patches
hipamd rocm-hip-runtime Upstream wants to merge this with OpenCL's sources, so it might be worth waiting to package, or adding as a subpackage for rocm-opencl. Testing version in mystro256's COPR: using rocm-hip to avoid amd branding in Fedora package name.
rocm-cmake rocm-cmake Needed by most of the roc* and hip* packages below
hipblas hipblas
hipsparse hipsparse
rocalution rocalutio
rocblas rocblas
rocfft rocfft
rocmvalidationsuite rocm-validation-suite
rocprim rocprim
rocrand rocrand
rocsolver rocsolver
rocsparse rocsparse
tensile ?
rocdbgapi rocm-dbgapi
rocgdb rocm-gdb A fork of Package-x-generic-16.pnggdb with ROCm related addons
rocprofiler rocprofiler
roctracer roctracer

HW Support

Upstream only officially supports x86_64, but they are open to pcc64le and arm64 patches

The ROCm packages in Fedora are built for all 64bit little endian systems (x86_64, arm64, ppc64le), but official support is for x86_64.

Most products starting with vega 10 (Radeon RX Vega) should work without configuration, but any pre-vega HW, such as the RX 400's or 500's, will require setting (note this is no longer required for rocm-opencl-5.2.1-2 or later):

Note that your millage may vary, as pre vega HW on ROCm is experimental, missing functionality, and not guaranteed to work on all HW



To enable access to GPU resources for non-root users, the users must be added to the video or render group. The AMD ROCm Installation Guide (v5.2) and FAQs recommend the video group for all ROCm-supported operating systems.

The render group is only required for Ubuntu v20.04.

To add the current user to the video group:

   sudo usermod -a -G video $LOGNAME

To check for ROCm support of the running HW, you can install and run rocminfo:

   sudo dnf install rocminfo


ROCm OpenCL can be installed with (Fedora 36, EPEL8, and EPEL9 are currently in testing):

   sudo dnf install rocm-opencl

As well, rocm-clinfo or clinfo can be installed to verify it is working, e.g.:

   sudo dnf install rocm-clinfo



Some experimental builds exist here (use at your own risk):


TODO: incomplete, take me!