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PHP Special Interest Group


To assist packagers in bringing PHP-related packages to Fedora and assisting in their continued maintenance by providing timely reviews, acting as secondary package owners and assisting with related security issues.


You can contact members of the PHP SIG with the php-devel mailing list. All PHP SIG members are encouraged to subscribe.

Packagers/Reviewers/People interested in helping

PHP SIG Documentation

Problems that need to be addressed


  • The .spec file template for PEAR packages can be found at PearSpecTemplate
  • PECL extension should be able to require the exact "Zend Module Api Version"
  • [DONE] All PEAR packages call 'pear install' during the %post phase of RPM, but rpmlint issues a Warning: dangerous-command-in-%post install
  • This has been fixed in upstream rpmlint. See bug 198705
  • [DONE] The PHP Packaging Guidelines have been finalized and accepted. The guidelines can be found at PHP Packaging Guidelines


PHP-related applications/scripts/modules that would be nice to have in Fedora:


PEAR Modules

PECL Extensions