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Fedora Store Special Interest Group


The Store SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group of Fedora contributors working to create a turnkey swag solution for the Fedora Project.

Specific goals

  1. Making it easier for Ambassadors and event organizers to get swag in bulk, for a good price, and for reasonable shipping charges.
  2. Making it easy for users who just want one or two items to get them, again without crazy shipping fees.
  3. Making it as easy and automated as possible for designers to create new products.
  4. Not having to do any physical distribution or order processing ourselves.
  5. Providing international service.
  6. Being transparent regarding money.

Open action items

We will cover all open action items at each meeting.

  • Create mockup / requirements page on the wiki that starts laying out ideas for what a could look like. JeffreyTadlock has contacted the Art Team via mailing list and the Web Page Request for help on a mockup.
  • Continue to narrow down which vendor we should proceed with. (Everyone)

Closed action items

These items are considered closed, feel free to add content though as some of the following items will be an ongoing process.


There will be informal meetings in the #fedora-mktg channel on Freenode every Wednesday at 18:00 GMT (13:00 EST). Meeting minutes and logs are available.

Joining the SIG

Joining the SIG is as simple as adding your name below, and being part of the discussions on fedora-marketing-list .