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Applications for desktop end users

End User Application For Fedora-Video Project


Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: The main of this idea is to develop an application which reduces the work of a user who wants to create or submit a video . Right now we already have tools for recording etc. But what is expected from this application is to have all features in one application with an easy to use interface . Some of the features like :

  • Desktop recording
  • Easy Screencasting
  • Adding Subtitles ( generating the requried file which can be uploaded for translation purpose )
  • Easy Uploading feature to specified location

and many more can be added .

Contacts: Nitesh Narayan Lal

Mentor :

Gesture + Mouse Desktop Navigation feature

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: Mouse has been the main navigation tool for us for decades. In my idea I propose to include simple hand gestures as complementary to mouse actions. For example in the file browser forward or backward action can be easily replaced by simply swiping hand left or right. This would be an experimental feature

How it will be implemented - Image processing for hand gestures will be done by skin threshold using OpenCV - The program will act as a service running in background - Back,Forward and deletion can be easily implemented using gestures.

Contacts: me(Sunnyguha) [[1]]

Mentor: looking for a mentor. Need a bit of help of integration of OpenCV back-end with Fedora


Applications for programmers

Infrastructure for Fedora contributors and users

Localization - Enhancing the FUEL Project

Status: Proposed Summary of Idea: A need is felt for standardization of frequently used entries in localization. The FUEL Project is one such attempt. However, the project entries is far from exhaustive and a need is felt to enhance the database. The project will attempt to write scripts to scan l10n files and create an exhaustive list of entries that are needed. Then a platform (web-based) where standardized localizations can be listed for various languages and can be accessible to everyone.
Skill Level: Medium
Contacts: Gautam Akiwate <>
Mentor: Mentor Needed

Linux system services

Artificial Intelligence Based SELinux security Protocol for Fedora Project


Summary of idea: I proposed a security project. In which SELinux is always active but act upon the Artificial Intelligence enhanced data for its operation and implementation. SELinux covers access control mechanism. So it will automatically change its implemntation as per the user usage of the machine. like a user uses VoIP then the SELinux limits only the VoIP send and recieve ports . Rest of the access is blocked or limited and when user switches to FTP server or any other application, It also shift its implementation.


Notes: Need Mentors and assistance to furnish my project.