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Welcome to the Fedora Community video library of the best screencasts and tech talks created to teach you about Fedora. Here you will find the resources to help you confidently install Fedora, navigate and customize your desktop, and master the multitude of mature and cutting-edge open source applications it runs.

Discover how to harness your productivity and unleash your creativity from people just like you who use Fedora everyday both professionally and personally. The resources are right here to guide you to your next goal. The community is eager for you to join them.

A Solution. An Adventure.

Just ask yourself one question, “What do I want to accomplish today?”

Here are some ideas:

  • I just discovered Fedora. How do I install it? I’ve installed it, now where are the applications? Can I customize my desktop, and if so, how?
  • I’m not sure how to capture video with my webcam. Can someone show me, step by step, how to set it up and share the recording?
  • I’m a developer. What tools are available on Fedora for Python? Does Fedora provide a web server with PHP? How do I set up Ruby on Rails so that I can create a web application? Where do I find more Gems, Eggs, Pears and Modules?
  • I use Evolution and have an idea for an improvement. Can I contact Evolution’s developers? Could I even participate in designing a feature for the next version?
  • I want to talk about Fedora. How do I share my blog with the Fedora Community?

Browse the categories below and explore all the possibilities Fedora has to offer. (If you already know what you’re looking for, use the search (Is there going to be a search feature?)). Can’t find a video that matches your needs? Let the community know.

Whether you're looking at your Fedora desktop as a gateway to an exciting new adventure or you already know what you want to do and just need instructions, Fedora videos can help you complete your goals today and in the future.

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Collecting Videos

  • Direct share
  • Links

Video uploads

  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Youtube (check privacy)
  • Vimeo
  • Direct downloads
  • Veoh

Music uploads

  • Jamendo
  • (audio place)
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • CCmixter

Video Features

  • Common comment linking to website and/or for direct theora downloads
  • Guidelines is needed to follow if we want to make them official (a simple one)
  • Verification is needed to consider the video official.
    • Video is official once, we send them a short 3sec intro/out video section of Fedora logo
    • Videos must follow a template to make their translation easier
  • Categorize videos using "join" teams

How to submit a Video ?

  • Video(s) must pass to submit progress.First you have to read this progress,As long as keep share video for Fedora



We currently have videos posted all over in a fairly willynilly way. So we have created an account with the Internet Archive ( which will allow us to upload video in the free and open Ogg Theora format and will be displayed using the HTML5 video tags.

This is not the only solution that are going to settle on but everything else has been put on hold until after the F13 release. Once that is over and we are done celebrating we can get started on this again.

An impromptu meeting was held on #fedora-mktg on IRC to discuss where we can put video, and who can work on it. Meeting logs can be seen here.

Reasons was selected as our first choice

  • They support Creative Commons, and require it or Public Domain for you to be able to upload.
  • They support Ogg Theora.
  • It is free for storage and bandwidth.

Past videos

Fedora currently has video footage from events from 2005-2009, as well as new video content being created. This media needs a home, where it can be catalogued, tagged, and become searchable, and be located not only by people who know of its existence within Fedora, but also be located by people using search engines.

Tasks to be done with the video we currently have:

  • Sort through all videos located on this server. This is a suggestion as to what types of notes should be made for each video:
    • Date / Location of Video
    • Name of Event
    • Name of speaker
    • Keywords of some of the topics covered
    • (Also possible: A brief, one-paragraph description of the video.)
  • Upload all video to Ensure that the appropriate license is used. (Optional: Discuss with the community why is a more free solution than using youtube.)
  • Organize links to those videos, with their descriptions, on the Fedora Video wiki page. (The very page this job description is on.)
  • Recommended: A more outlined plan for this task would probably be a good idea - and should be outlined on this wiki page as a Project Plan, that the students can collaborate on together.

Of course, this plan itself is also subject to comment and feedback - if you think we should be doing something different, please let us know!

Still valid?
Are these contacts still working on this?

People you can contact: Justin O'Brien, Russell Harrison, Mel Chua, Robyn Bergeron - and anyone else you can find on the lists or IRC.

Submitting Conference Sessions

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