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System Config

This page should give a small overview of things which are currently worked on for the system-config tools.


  • system-config as a central entry point for system configuration with state information.
  • Simple and consistent API for integration of all tools into firstboot and other configuration tools, e.g.:
  • system-config-services is used to control activation/deactivation of services. There are plans for a toolbar and submenu for service control which can be integrated into e.g. system-config-samba.
  • Separation of interface(s) and logic.
  • Consistent look and feel.
  • User guidance and druids where guidance is not enough.
  • Main application with overview and dialogs for changes.
  • Easy to understand dialogs with clear view.
  • Well-defined acceptance and termination conditions for the main application and all dialogs.
  • Option to load defaults.
  • Access to advanced options for situations where the "simple" options aren't sufficient.
  • Maybe: Support for undo/redo via history.

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Project Members

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Damien Durand ( Usability )
Florian Festi
Harald Hoyer
Phil Knirsch
Florian La Roche
Konstantinos Mpariotis
Nils Philippsen
Jaroslav Řezník
Thomas Woerner
Chris Lumens
Roman Rakus