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Status: under review

Style: application

Main window

  • dialogs are not centered
  • tree view frame is missing
  • "weird layout" of buttons under view - sometimes stretched to all space, sometimes small etc., sensitive even no action is available
  • too much color usage - tree view, info widget
  • selection in view - it's not easy to select small object

Create new logical volume dialog

  • remove frames
  • spacings
  • short description
  • labels are not left aligned (remaining etc.)
  • label before spinbox
  • label "remaining" two times the same?
  • missing tooltips
  • OK sensitive
  • filesystem - no ext4 support

Same applies for other dialogs

Extend Volume Group

  • not centered
  • OK sensitive
  • description centered, does not fit default dialog size

Center Main View

  • remove button sensitive but no selection
  • anaconda look?
  • description above "gauge", 2D gauge, separate items - highlighting?
  • best fit - Physical View - scrolbar is still present

Left Tree View

  • Show only Physical View not VolGroup name
  • context menu/button - Expand All
  • initialized disks shown in unitialized tree

Right Context info View

  • correct unit labels, space between number and unit
  • ban colors & style
  • scroll

Menu Tools

  • "Initialize block device" - "Enter" key is not working
  • add selection of unitialized disks


  • View->Reload to File menu - only one item in View submenu


  • changes are applied immediately, there should be "apply" option