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Good-Day All I'm new to the Linux environment. I want to say Thank You, all the distros and team have come a long way. There is great improvement, it shows in your work. I have been trying out the four main distros from Linux, one is the OpenSuse11, Ubuntu, LinuxMint, and Fedora. I first intsalled Fedora 0n a new HD to try out because I heard it had greater security features. Everything seems to be working well on my Dell Precision except the wireless doesn't work. I've looked at different sites and it states that the project doesn't support this particular card BCM4312. I then removed my newly Fedora installed OS, and placed a new HD and then installed LinuxMint, and I noticed without even going on the network. It automatically saw my wireless card. No major issues, I have been able to surf the net with no problems. What gives? I would like to familiarize myself very well with the Fedora Project. Thank you all for what you do.

  • First, this is not the place to post user comments. You can join our "users" list using the web signup page here. Second, it is likely that LinuxMint is carrying a driver that is forbidden for us to carry.