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If you cannot download Fedora, you can use one of the online vendors listed here to purchase a copy for a nominal fee. These vendors are not associated to the project in anyway. However, they download, burn and ship media for a small fee. You will receive media quickly, and most of them guarantee good quality of media. Please refer to the list below to choose a vendor.

What? Can't buy media? Well, no need to get disheartened! You can get a copy burnt from the community!

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Listing Requirements
In order to be listed in the Online Vendors list, you must have an online store that sells Fedora on physical media.

If you wish to have your company listed as a Online Vendor for Fedora, or if you need to update your listing, please notify us at with subject Online Vendors List.

Include your business name, the URL for your business, the URL where customers can purchase Fedora media. Remember, we do reserve the right to refuse or modify any listing at any time and for any reason.

Graphical Regions
The following geographical regions are based upon The United Nations Standard Country and Area Codes Classifications (M49).
Explanation of Symbols
Important.png Sponsored Media Program Vendor
Checkmark.png SHA1/SHA256 Checksum Verified
Warning.png This vendor is distributing Re-Spin ISOs

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Eastern Africa

Middle Africa

Northern Africa

Southern Africa

Country Link(s)
South Africa IAM Development , [1]
South Africa AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's, Fedora Media Checkmark.png

Western Africa

Country Link(s)
NIGERIA Bensoft Enterprise, Fedora Media



Central America

Country Link(s)
Mexico Paguito , Fedora Media Checkmark.png
Mexico Deblix , Fedora Media [Down for Maintenance. checked 5th Dec. 2011]
Mexico , Fedora Media

South America

Northern America[1]


Central Asia

Eastern Asia

Southern Asia

South-Eastern Asia

Western Asia


Eastern Europe

Northern Europe

Southern Europe

Western Europe

Fedora Media Link (please scroll down):


Australia and New Zealand

[1] Please note this is Northern America not North America. The continent of North America (003) comprises Northern America (021), Caribbean (029), and Central America (013). See UN M49 Definition