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L10N Indonesia

CVS of the Fedora Localization Project

The FLP has its own repository, to use it host project-specific resources (like the website, etc).

This repository is different from the repositories that host various software the FLP is translating.

The project's CVS space is on the l10n repository. Members of the cvsl10n group have access to it.

   Anonymous checkout:
   Eponymous checkout: export CVSROOT=:ext:<username> and cvs co <modulename>
   Update your repository: cvs -z9 up (best done before you start with your translation work)
   Check your files: msgfmt -c po/<lang>.po
   Take a look at the status: msgfmt --stat po/<lang>.po
   Commit your changed files: cvs commit [filename]
   Add a new file to the CVS: cvs add [filename] then cvs commit [filename]