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I am Nilesh Vaghela active opensource promoter at Gujarat Ahmedabad, Admin of VGLUG

Interested to produce better values in business through open source.

You can reach me at

+91 9327218003

My Introduction

Current Profile :

12 years of experience in IT industries. Founder of ElectroMech ( A leading open source company ), and working as MD at ElectroMech.

Founder and administrator of VGLUG ( Vibrant GNU/Linux User Group ) Presently providing opensource consultancy service to good no. of companies. RHCE trainer ( Redhat Certified Faculty ) Running RHCE training centre and examination centre at Ahmedabad Conducted Large nos. of Training programmes during Workshop/Seminar for various organizations , government institutes, colleges, etc.

As a leading open source solution provider I had successfully executed large nos. of projects on Mail Server implementation, Virtual Private Network (VPN PPTP and IPSEC) , etc.

Expertise on Implementation, configuration, migration and maintenance of Linux based services and Open source technologies

Providing Linux training services to Govt. Institute Gujarat Vidhyapith for Diploma after graduation, at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Committee member to decided the syllabus of MCA ( Master of Computer Application ) Gujarat University for Linux programming.

Expertise Field :-

Implementation, configuration, migration and maintenance of Linux based services and Open source technologies includes

User Management

Process Management

File system management

Network , remote, kickstart and pxe installation ( mass deployment of Linux )

Online repository server wit YUM and RPM.

Mail services smtp servers Sendmail, Postfix Mail services pop3 Imap dovecot and cyrus Antivirus Integration with Mail, Proxy and Samba services, Proxy services with content filtering, url filtering, authentication etc. Samba as Domain controller and workgroup member Linux as Router functionality with static and dynamic routing to provide connectivity for point to point lease lines and dedicated bandwidth. DNS server ( bind ) DHCP server NFS services NIS services FTP services LDAP authentication services VPN connectivity through internet connection with IPSEC and PPTP Enterprise Backup with open source utilities Fine tuning for any database system. Network and Personal Firewall Implementation Remote administration with ssh, telnet, VNC etc. Xen and Virtualbox Virtualisation

High Availability with Heart Beat and DRBD. High Availability with Redhat Cluster suite Load balance Cluster with LVS and Redhat Cluster suite System Management Service with snmp Open NMS, negois etc. Shell scripting Local and network Printer SELinux Basics

Other then above I have successfully migrated existing services to scale higher infrastructure or proprietary to open source technologies ( MAIL, proxy, database, file sharing etc )

Ability to design scalable solution with utilization of optimum resources.

Experience :-

Started ElectroMech – IT company

12 years of experience in IT industries.


As a leading open source solution provider I had successfully executed following projects :

Mail Server implementation :

( Sendmail, dovecot, fetchmail, procmail, Squirrelmail, horde, auto reply script, vacation, backup mail accounts, Clamav and MailScanner )

Setup and utility required for mail server setup and Linux server setup. All basic functionality of the mail server, with pop3, IMAP and smtp setup. Also includes downloading mail script and administrative utility. Open sources antivirus will be configured and setup for each and every mail to be scan. Automatic update facility for Mailscanner will be setup.

As a part of mail solution I also setup and configured advance groupware features which Includes like Task management, Public and private Address Book, calender facility, file ftp browser, chat client, Auto responder, Automatic mail forwarding etc.

Advance Mail Server Setup :

I had successfully implemented mail server with virtual domain and virtual users with POSTFIX and MYSQL or LDAP integration.

Successfully implemented Antivirus and Antispam Gateway with postfix, clamav and AMAVIS.

Squid Proxy Server :

Successfully implemented squid as high performance proxy server with url filtering, User Authentication, download restriction, Content filtering with dansguardian and squid guard, url redirection, access report with sarge, webalizer and awstate.

Also integrated antivirus for proxy traffic with dansguardian and squid guard.

File sharing with Samba service :

Samba can provide excellent solution for file and printer sharing with windows platform.

Successfully implemented Samba as work group : for small network it can share all the resources with security.

Samba as PDC :

Solution for domain login for enterprise level, policy and profile configuration, Centralised user management.

Samba and LDAP solution.

Print server :

Printer management service through samba

Open source Antivirus implementation with samba file sharing

Succesfully implemented Linux Based Virtual Private Network (VPN PPTP and IPSEC) with following features :

Setup and configured VPN (Internet Protocol — Virtual Private Network) service used to connect branch offices and remote workers over a single provider’s IP network or through several networks (the Internet). Data traverses a public data infrastructure, but offers the appearance, functionality and usefulness of a dedicated network.

Implemented Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) to link local networks, located anywhere in the world, to each other over the Internet, or mobile workstations to the companies network, just as if there was a leased line between them.

Linux Based Terminal Server (LTSP) :

Implemented The Linux Terminal Server, to provides a simple way to utilize low cost workstations as either graphical or character based terminals on a GNU/Linux server. Implemented LTSP with 40 workstations, all running Firefox and OpenOffice from a P4-2.8 with 2GB of ram. And it was done without any special hardware require, only with commodity hardware. A P II or P III processor with 64 / 128 MB memory and pxe or nbi comatible ethernet cards and 10/100 MBPS switched network.

Linux Routing solutions :

Implemented lots of static and dynamic Linux router for the connectivity of point to point connectivity ( lease line ) and management of dedicated internet lease line connection.

IP and Port forwarding for security and facility.

Host based and Network based routing.-

Linux Backup Solutions :-

Backup with utilities like tar, rsync, dump, dd etc.

Deployment of enterprise grade backup solution with Bacula for the server backup and Backup pc for Desktop and Servers. ( Linux backup solutions work for windows server and desktop ).

Web and FTP solution :-

Implementation of enterprise web and ftp services with features like management of directory container, user authentication, Access controls , Virtual Hosting, html page , java pages, cgi-bin pages hosting, ssl and tls integration, Self assign certificate and Private certificate ( i.e. Verisign ) Performance tuning etc.

DNS service : -

Creation of zone records, Management of forward , reverse records Managing MX record Adding CNAME record Creation of Child / Sub domain Dynamic DNS. Access Controlles Slave server management Round Robin Configuration for Load Balancing.

Firewall :-

Outgoing internet connection controls Management of Incoming connection with security. PREROUTING AND POSTROUTING QOS and bandwidth management IP forwarding Port forwarding Connection Tracking Creation of Customized chain

Intrusion detection system with SNORT Intrusion prevention system with Snort-Inline.

Clustering HA and Load Balancing :-

Automatic fail over with Heart Beat and Redhat Cluster suite with minimum down time.

Active – passive HA

Active – Active HA

DRBB for mirroring the partition across the server.

LVS for load balancing – Three tier cluster for database setup with dedicated external storage.

Training Experience :-

Till date trained more than 200 professionals for Linux system, network and security admin. 50+ Redhat certified Professionals

As a leading open source promoters I conducted lots of seminars and workshops across the Gujarat.

Few of them are :-

CII – Confederation of Indian Industries (13th and 14th July 2007) : A Redhat Sponser two days workshop conducted as a Redhat Trainer. 80 Pariticipants trained for apache web server, sendmail with Mailscanner, proxy server and samba services. It was a National Open Source Convention.

CIS- Conducted lots of Linux seminar with Computer society of India including, A state level event ( 26th to 28th Jan 2007) around 60 participants from all over Gujarat.

Academic Staff College ( Nov. 07 ):- I am proud to be a part of this training, it a official 21 days government training for the faculties of the government approved college across the India. Taken 5 days exhaustive training with Mr. Jigar and Mr. Sham.

Conducted a Sendmail Server Seminar on 25th February 2007 at GLS college, the total strength was 100 participant.

Conducted a 2 days workshop ( 20/08/2007 ) at GLS MCA college for the final year student. 48 participant attended and linux basic , system admin and network admin training given.

Conducted a 2 hours seminar at National Institute of Cooperative Management ( MCA ) ( 27/09/07 ) on the subject of “Using Internet On Linux” around 85 participant attended the seminar.

Conduted 4 housr seminar at Chandkheda Engineering College (5/04/07 ), subject was Introduction, hardware convention with linux, partitions with linux, dual boot setup, installation, package selection and apache web server configuration.

Conducted 2 hours hands on at chandkheda Engineering College ( 28/09/08 ) in 5 days state level seminar for the faculties all over from Gujarat invited by NRCFOSS ( National Resource Center for Free/Open Source Software )

Conducted 2 Hours seminar at GLS MCA college on subject Advance Internet Sharing with linux, around 18 participant attended the Seminar.

Conducted 1 day workshop at Bhavnagar University, Department of Computer Science ( 20th October 2007 ) on subject Installation of Linux, web server configuration, samba server configuration and ftp server configuration, around 82 students attended the seminar.

Conducted 2 days workshop at LDRP ( 29th and 30th March 2008 ) – engineering college , Gandhinagar college, on Linux basic to system admin and network administration. 85 students attended the seminar.

Delivered 3 hours talk at BVM Engineering College at V.V. Nagar ( 17th April 2008 ) on “Linux Operating System”, around 110 student attended the seminar.

Conducted 1 day workshop at UVPC – Ganpat University – Kherva ( mid January 2008 ) on Open source technologies with web and ftp services. Around 96 students attended the seminar.

Conducted 4 hours workshop at two days Symposium – Vadodara Maharaja Sayajirao University, computer Center. Delivered 2 hours workshop on each subject Mail server with antivirus and antispam and Clustering with Commodity hardware respectively.

Conducated 2 hours seminar at Nirma University ( Institute of Technology ) Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering ( 24th July 2008( Thursday) ), Topic was " Linux Basics and Networking in Linux " Talk will be of 2 hours and Audioance wass M.Tech(Sem I) EC Students.

Apart from above I have conducted seminar on different subject at Nirma University – Ahmedabad , MCA college at Bharuch, Changa engineering college, SVIT Engineering college VASAD etc.

I have also organised and participated in various open source activities, workshop and seminar.

As a leading open source promoters I provide Guidance to the college student for their Final year project.

Some of the subjects are

Asset management with Open NMS. Process monitoring and Management with Open NMS. Mail server report tool with sendmail. Short Messaging Services on linux. Clustering on commodity hardware. Bandwidth management with Linux. Backup solutions Bacula testing and performance tuning. ERP module development at Linux.

Founder of Active LINUX USER GROUP :-

One of the biggest achievement is the success of VGLUG. It is now most active Linux User Group with more than 500 members and email traffic 500 mails per month average. It is among the first 15 group in computer system category.

AIM / MOTTO of the Business :

To produce excellent business values with Open source ethic.

AIM / MOTTO of the Life:

Be a good, responsible and resourceful human being