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Fedora 19 Release event Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Fedora 19 Release event Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

This is one more release party organized by ElectroMech Corporation.

It is at NICM, MCA department at Gandhinagar Gujarat, India (

Date 27th July 2013

Would like to discuss

- What is open source - What is Fedora - Fedora 19 new featur discussion - Fedora 19 demo of some of the features - Free distribution of F19 Live DVDs - Followed by High-tea.

Contact Person | Nilesh Vaghela

Fedora 19 release event report [27-07-2013]

Fedora 19 Release Event by ElectroMech Corporation at NICM Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

We started at 10:30 AM at auditorium.

Our team consist of myself (Nilesh J. Vaghela), Mr. Sham Arsiwala, Mr. Bipin Patel from ElectroMech and Mr. Dharmesh Prajapati (from TCS), Mr. Gaurav Bhuva and Mr. Jignesh Ramoliya.

Thanks to Prashant sir for co-coordinating and arranging things proper way, but sir we missed you on event day. Thanks to Dolly mam and all other staff for smooth execution and other arrangement. Thanks to Rekha mam (Director – NICM) for their permission and support.

We started with introduction of Open source and Linux. Some discussion with what all one can have in open source.

I played few movie related to open source.

I prepared slide show for Fedora 19, thanks to Mr. Jatin for base slides, introduction of fedora, fedora community, core values of Fedora and demonstration of Fedora 19.

We distributed around 90 Live DVD for fedora 19 to all students and staff.

The photographs are available at [1] link.

Again thanks to all.

Nilesh J. Vaghela