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Fedora Video

Fedora Videos Team

Current Tasks

  • Tatica will bring a couple of ideas for intro/outro
  • Create a "how summit a video guidelines" - FranciscoD,Thunderbirdtr,zoltanh7211
  • graphite6 will work on start message and welcome wiki - also on mail invitations
  • Thunderbirdtr will make main wiki page

Completed Tasks


  • First Approach
  • Desktop Environments
  • Applications
  • Development
  • Servers
  • Base System
  • Fedora SPINS

Collecting Videos

  • Direct share
  • Links

Team Tasks

  • Create Videos following the guidelines and interest of the community
  • Check that the branding is being used correctly and provide recommendations
  • Motivate people to send us their videos and link Fedora-Videos on their content
  • come up with a script for branding, such as the opening title, translations, etc.
  • Check appropiated licences for media
  • video sources MUST be available s (for Fedora people and not f-people)
  • double check for videos content (license, model release agreement)

Video uploads

  • Youtube (check privacy)
  • Vimeo
  • Direct downloads
  • Veoh

Music uploads

  • Jamendo
  • (audio place)
  • CCmixter

Video Features

  • Common comment linking to website and/or for direct theora downloads
  • Guidelines is needed to follow if we want to make them official (a simple one)
  • verification is needed to be considered official
    • once a video is official, we send them a short 3sec intro/out video section of Fedora logo
    • Videos must follow a template to make easier their translations
  • categorize videos using "join" teams

Videos so Far

Categories Structure:

Official Announcements & Events

 -Country A
   *Event Name -2012
   *Event Name -2011
 -Country B


 -How To Videos
    *Software (s) & Packages(will be further sub-categorized based on the name of the application)
    *Plug in (s) & others
 -Getting Started With an Application
    *(Videos like FranciscoD vim can be placed here)

How To Join Fedora

 -Marketing Team
 -Design Team

Drop Point

 -(Here a user can drop his video links for our preview not part of official page
   or we can make some thing like contact us so that those whose who want to give
  there videos can give it here)

Video Contributors

 -For those who just want to contribute by giving there videos 
  We will be having list of them as per there contribution

Fun Corner