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How much should the personas work factor into our work to define a target audience for the default Fedora Distribution offering?


  • An effort was started to identify the Fedora's Distribution's target audience using personas
  • Some interviews were conducted, but no one is currently able to dedicate time the effort.
  • Approximately 10 hours of work (possibly more) remains to interview people and collect the data.
  • Several more hours after interviews to analyze the data and start developing personas based on it.

Possible Solutions

  1. Drop the personas work until someone can carry and lead it
  2. Seek funding for someone to complete the personas work
  3. Seek out volunteers in Fedora to carry the personas work to its conclusion
  4. Other solutions?

Risk/Benefit Analysis

  • Finishing the personas work would provide a wider body of information for the Board to make an informed decisions on the Fedora distro's target audience.
  • Without a clear leader of this effort who has time to commit to it, the likelihood of this effort finishing soon and producing timely information appears to be low.

Other Thoughts/Considerations

  • Have we been clear enough that the Target Audience discussion is about the users of the Fedora Distribution and not the Fedora Project as a whole?
    • Should we explicity state or call out somewhere--in an FAQ?

Recommendation from 2010-02-08 Meeting