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Roll Call

Attendees: John Poelstra, Matt Domsch, Mike McGrath, Paul Frields, Colin Walters, Chris Tyler

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Purpose of Strategy

  • User:Poelstra/Importance_of_strategy
  • Paul: "areas we want to emphasize" is too nebulous
  • Matt: strategy is to rally the troops
  • Paul: target audience discussion was to help refine strategy, the means rather than the end
  • Colin: is distinction between "Fedora Distro" and "Fedora Project" too strong?
    • Paul: There is a difference because the Project encompasses people who aren't necessarily working on the direction of the distro -- for example, people who are building processes for free/open marketing, which isn't constrained to the distro
  • NEXT ACTIONS: Paul will take a shot at moving page to conclusion

Next Steps for Personas

  • User:Poelstra/Target_audience_personas
  • John is the owner of this proposal
  • John: unclear how much we can rely on this without a leader to move it forward who's experienced in UX design
  • Matt: personas make a lot of sense for specific spins. Could this be a good tool for spins to use?
  • Colin: may want to consider personas for general purpose spins/Fedora general audience
  • John: understand the personas to be for identifying users of the default distribution
  • Paul: Personas were meant to provide a smooth interface between user attraction and expectations we set up in our basic web pages (front and get), with the actual experience of running the default distribution
    • We can continue without, but personas would make it easier in the future to tune that work
    1. John will email advisory-board list seeking help with carrying personas work forward.
    2. If there are no responses, the Board still recognizes the value of the work done so far and will retain it, while moving on with its strategic work.

Next Steps for Discussion of Default Offering

  • User:Pfrields/Different_default_offering
  • Paul is the owner of this proposal
  • Review page for pros and cons
  • Colin: In the future could we create some criteria that would help guide the process of selecting a change in the default behavior of an application or subsystem?
    • criteria: Does the upstream project share our values? How active is upstream? (these are semi-lame but anyways)
    • Paul: Would see the criteria Colin brings up as a decision belonging to FESCo
    1. SWG members asked to go over risk/benefit analysis carefully and add comments as desired
    2. Request board discussion at next meeting:
      • Does the board as a whole agree with the conclusion of the wiki page that the Desktop Spin should continue as Fedora's default distribution offering?

Next Week's Discussion

Next SWG Meeting

  • 2010-02-15 @ 3 PM EST
  • John will NOT be at Thursday board meeting.
    • Colin will represent SWG at board meeting if there are any questions about progress, etc., beyond what is in the meeting notes