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Talk about this

  • State of Docs is really wiki + upcoming CMS
    • Docbook, Publican, and are all the geeky side
  • State of the wiki
  • Other ways to contribute
  • CMS needs

Video of the session

Notes from session (raw)

From User:Ianweller/FUDConF11 State of the Wiki presentation.

Conversion from MoinMoin caused even bigger problems in the content, but one worth solving.

Instead of Some/Nested/Page/Name, use Special:Categories.

Categories can contain sub-cats, pages, media (with auto gallery creation).

We are reorg'ing content so all page names are flat.

Page names are natural language.

Every page has a category, and probably a sub-category.

Trees of categories.

Search needs to get rid of CamelCase.

Page naming automatically redirects to the new page.

Natural language supports L10n. Nesting structure-naming is not translation friendly, where What a nice page name is translation friendly.

For top-level categories, we want (around) three nodes.

Wikibot can use:

git clone git://

Get your sub-project included there. If you have ever pushed to, you have permissions to add or edit a PSV (pipe separted values) file there. If needed, request 'gitwikirename' in FAS.

Karsten's bit

  • We currently do stuff in Fedora Hosted -- documentation in invididual projects, mostly git
  • How do we want to gather content? CMS
    • We need something useful to put on fp.o's front page

Brainstorming happens here -- what are the requirements of this?

  • Draft -> edit -> publish
  • Wiki is more informal (it's a wiki, fix it!), the more controlled area is for bug reports, etc
  • Ian sucks at taking notes