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This page contains information about the Fedora Project at the Red Hat Summit 2010.

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Quick Facts

Red Hat Summit 2010
Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center, One Seaport Lane, Boston, MA 02210
2010-06-22/25 (Tue-Fri), see schedule below


This is a list of highlights of what the Fedora presence at the 2010 Summit should look like.

Not every item on this list is guaranteed.
Significant planning is still in progress with the organizers, but this list represents what we'd like to have at the event.
Not a FUDCon.
This approach proved unsuccessful at the 2008 Summit and was not repeated in 2009. The respective audiences are too dissimilar, so one event distracts from the other, to the detriment of people attending both.
A booth/table.
A visible location at which we can pass out swag, have informal chats with attendees, and have Fedora Project contributors hang out between sessions. A pair of vertical banners and the vinyl sign will be needed for this table.
An expanded Fedora room.
A dedicated room for Fedora demonstrations, 1x1 technical advice, hands-on training, or other proceedings. Having this room gives a little bit more cachet, and allows us more flexibility in planning. This will not be a full-time lecture room, so as not to interfere with the Summit sessions, but we can definitely hold a few presentation sessions.
Live USB keys.
2 GB USB keys for every attendee, with a Fedora 13 image (or as close thereto as we can get). The key will feature an event-specific wallpaper and a desktop link to the Summit materials online, as in 2009.
Free booth passes for volunteers.
Expo-only passes for a limited list of Fedora attendees, free of cost, that will allow them access to the expo floor including the Fedora booth, and the Fedora room. No meals or nightly entertainment will be included; expo-only pass holders would need to purchase a party pass or a full Summit pass for those privileges. We may be able to include access to one track of talks at the Summit, likely the open source track. Note that we cannot provide free passes for every attending community member, because each person entering the venue carries a substantial real cost to Red Hat. Paul is working with the organizers to arrive at a comfortable number of passes for people who agree to spend some time working at the booth and Fedora room.
Encourage any interested Boston-area Fedora contributors to attend.
The Summit will be in Boston, so we will potentially have many Fedora contributors attending, including Red Hat employees and volunteers. Although we cannot invite everyone for free, we should all encourage interested people to attend, because the event is a very good value in general.
Build a booth schedule the evening before the event.
We want to ensure coverage at the booth throughout the event, and at least one person at the booth should be a Red Hat employee. Often the people who approach the booth are company customers or partners and we want to ensure they have access to help inside the company as appropriate.

Attendee List

Add yourself at the end of this list if you're planning to attend the summit.
Please also indicate the scheduled arrival/departure times at the local (international) airport.
# Name Arrival Departure Airport Need pass Comments
001 Paul W. Frields 2010-06-22 17:17 2010-06-25 19:45 BOS JetBlue 1282 inbound, JetBlue 1289 outbound. Summit speaker.
002 Sandro Mathys 2010-06-21 19:50 2010-07-09 21:40 BOS no Will stay some extra days in Boston (and then NYC) before flying back to old Europe. (Anyone got a couch?)
003 Ivan Makfinsky BOS Am working on a RH presentation now for the Summit, would be very happy to do Fedora presentations, workshops.
004 Máirín Duffy I live in Boston Don't need a pass I live in Boston and am always happy to help out if I can.
005 Matt Domsch TBD TBD BOS Tentative based on speaking.
006 Brian Powell TBD TBD BOS Will help with staffing the booth in between sessions I plan to attend (will know better once session schedule is posted. NO pass needed attending Summit for work).
007 Robyn Bergeron TBD TBD BOS Tentative based on bf getting boss to let him go, or me deciding to go without him :) Would love to help out in Fedora room and / or help out with organizing press / interviews / etc. Could also use some "working the booth!" training!
008 Todd Warner 2010-06-21 2010-06-25 BOS I may be able to assist with Spacewalk stuff. Stay tuned.
009 Michael DeHaan TBD 2010-06-25 BOS I'll be around some to bug people.
010 Susan Lauber 2010-06-20 2010-06-26 BOS NO Staying with friends in Arlington. I expect to be available to help with booth setup/teardown. Can help where ever.
011 inode0 2010-06-22 2010-06-25 BOS
012 Kashyap Chamarthy 2010-06-20 2010-06-25 BOS Staying with friends. Will fly back to India on 25th-Jun.
013 Luke Macken
014 Thorsten Leemhuis TBD TBD TBD No Tentative, will be there as part of my day job
# Name Arrival Departure Airport Need pass Comments



We'll be located prominently and should have a substantial amount of foot traffic, as we did with the Red Hat Summit 2009. Located nearby will be the Spacewalk project as well.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Time Event
1600-1900 Registration, set up booth
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
0800-1000 your name here
1000-1200 your name here
1200-1400 your name here
1400-1600 your name here
1600-1800 your name here
1800-2000 your name here
Thursday, June 24, 2010
0800-1000 your name here
1000-1200 your name here
1200-1400 your name here
1400-1600 your name here
1600-1800 your name here
Friday, June 25, 2010
0800-1000 your name here
1000-1200 your name here
  • Sandro: Will help out whenever I can but I'm there for $DAYJOB and won't be able to say anything about the time at hand in advance. Worked well last year tho, didn't it?
    • Yes, it certainly seemed to. I doubt we'll have a problem having coverage. The schedule is just an aid to ensure we have coverage to answer specific Red Hat customer/partner questions. I suspect we'll have plenty of people willing and able to help out in general. --pfrields 13:33, 3 March 2010 (UTC)


What can you add here?
This is where we'll add demonstrations and hands-on sessions that can use the Fedora room. Remember that every attendee will get a Fedora 13 Live USB stick, and potentially that could be used by participants.
Wednesday, June 23
Time Event Owner Notes
Add event here
Thursday, June 24
1730-1830 Fedora BoF Paul W. Frields Invite Summit attendees to come meet Fedora people and ask questions

We have invited the Spacewalk project to offer one or more demonstrations in our room. Details TBA.

Who's in Charge

Any difficulties or issues should be resolved by the event owner(s).

Responsibility area Description Contributor(s) Status
Booth setup Track down swag boxes, incl. banners Sandro Sandro would welcome a helping hand and needs getting briefed what to get from whom and where.
Booth schedule Paul set up a draft booth schedule above.
Live USB Get desktop artwork and link; make image; coordinate with orgaznizers and duplication house Paul W. Frields
Room schedule
Fedora dinner
Booth teardown Paul Could use some help!