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| [[../users|  system-config-users]]                  || nphilipp ||                              || [[../users/review|  review ]]
| [[../users|  system-config-users]]                  || nphilipp ||                              || [[../users/review|  review ]]
| [[../vsftpd|  system-config-vsftpd]]                  || mbarabas ||                              || [[../vsftpd/review|  review ]]

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System Config Current Tools

These are the system config tools we currently have in Fedora.

Tool Owner Comments Review
gdmsetup rstrode not s-c but also config
system-config-audit sgrubb package audit review
system-config-bind jreznik review
system-config-boot harald review
system-config-cluster jparson review
system-config-date nphilipp review
system-config-display ajackson review
system-config-firewall twoerner review
system-config-httpd pknirsch review
system-config-kdump dlehman/rrakus review
system-config-keyboard (jreznik) review
system-config-kickstart clumens review
system-config-language pravins review
system-config-lvm jparson review
system-config-netboot jreznik review
system-config-network harald review
system-config-nfs nphilipp review
(system-config-packages) katzj replaced by PackageKit
system-config-printer twaugh does not need privileges: policy is in CUPS config review
system-config-rootpassword pnasrat Stop (medium size).png the new interface available in rawhide is not complete review
system-config-samba nphilipp review
system-config-securitylevel twoerner replaced by system-config-firewall review
system-config-selinux dwalsh part of policycoreutils(-gui) review
system-config-services nphilipp review
system-config-soundcard stransky obsoleted
system-config-users nphilipp review
system-config-vsftpd mbarabas review